[AMMO] 50 AE 300gr Gold Dot HP @ $1.65pr

[AMMO] 50 AE 300gr Gold Dot HP @ $1.65pr


[AMMO] 50 AE 300gr Gold Dot HP @ $1.65pr

13 reviews for [AMMO] 50 AE 300gr Gold Dot HP @ $1.65pr

  1. zorbaguppie


    For your full auto DE needs

  2. Fromthe802

    Dammit I just bought a ton of fmj for $1.71/ round. Alright in for a bit.

    Also use coupon code: FREESHIP for free shipping.

  3. mjedmazga

    If only agents had been using JHP, maybe Trinity and Neo would have stayed dead.

  4. gvmelbrtyordth

    Paging black Rambo, need da full auto feed

  5. Fromthe802


    Use code FREESHIP for free shipping.

  6. Logizyme

    Sweet find. My prepanic stash of hornady was running low. In for 100.

  7. darkcity9620

    Info at the bottom of the description “Component Availability Update: This may also be loaded with a 350 grain Horndady JHP @ 1,300 FPS.”

    Based on comments from others that have purchased from them before, I’m going to be ordering anyways, but wanted to make sure it gets some visibility.

  8. Mighty-Bagel-Calves

    I need this to be .500 mag at this price.

  9. Royceman01

    I’m working mad OT at work ( healthcare) I should have enough for a Deagle 50 by the end of March….sigh…

  10. Eceleron

    Man… I had these in cart last week to backorder 5 boxes at 1.34 cpr. Looks like their price went up after the new year?

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  12. pipelineporter

    Now I don’t have a desert Eagle because I ain’t loaded. But for those of you that do, are you ever nervous to shoot ammo from these lesser/unknown ammo companies in your expensive gun?

  13. Yeti100

    Wonder when the order will fill? Was it backordered for y’all or did I just get here too late? Ordered anyway.

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