[Ammo] 5.56×45 62gr SS109 Penetrator Case of 1000 (Free ammo can) – $466.99 and free shipping

[Ammo] 5.56×45 62gr SS109 Penetrator Case of 1000 (Free ammo can) – $466.99 and free shipping


[Ammo] 5.56×45 62gr SS109 Penetrator Case of 1000 (Free ammo can) – $466.99 and free shipping

22 reviews for [Ammo] 5.56×45 62gr SS109 Penetrator Case of 1000 (Free ammo can) – $466.99 and free shipping

  1. CaptRon25

    Norma is the shooter’s friend. Keep up the good work Norma, and know it’s appreciated.

  2. IdyllicArcadia

    Assume the ammo can is worth $10

    Price comes out to be 45.7 cpr

  3. uscmarine

    Does this have steel core? Like m855?
    Or is it m193?

  4. newtypedeikun

    Yall got this in a 500 rnd deal for us poor folk?

  5. meltingpine

    They’ve been killing it with the ss109 deals but I really wish they’d drop us a similar value in m193

  6. MoreIndica

    Alright, 2 decent deals I have seen from them…now I’m gonna need some .300 subs or 9mm subs 🤞

  7. JeffCharlie123

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I just spent like $400 on ammo yesterday and I really shouldn’t spend another $500. But this is such a good price. And inflation crazy rn. Idk 😭😭😭

  8. uhkayus

    Came to $500 shipped to Utah.

  9. WorksIfYouWorkIt

    Do I buy 1k rounds of this or spend the same $ and get 2k 300blk brass to load subs!? Decisions Decisions

  10. tPervy

    I’ve been eye this for all of December. Not a bad price for brass 556, but hm.. Just don’t see a time I can actually use the stuff outside of pinking in the woods. Can’t really use it at the range’s steel, any indoor range, or matches so I’ll really not have a chance to put it to use.

    The price isn’t bad though. Wish it was M193 (which they sold out on albeit at a higher price).

  11. louisianashooter

    Norma Versus pmc X-tac?

  12. bigfoot_76

    I was in until tax made it $495. I know it’s a good deal for now but I’d rather hodl until we’re at least the 45cpr OTD range.

  13. flor1daman

    Anyone shoot this through a ddm4v7?

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  15. Greek_Prodigy

    In for one. Good shit.

  16. freeamericanmo

    That’s a steal

  17. MattD6263

    Is this directly from Norma?

  18. Braapstreetboys

    3020 FPS out of what length barrel?

  19. pbsolaris

    What’s the difference between this and M855A1?

  20. JDShadow

    Mayne I’m dense or out of it, but is seller gtg?

  21. brucekaiju

    where the green tips yo stop buying ammo so the prices get back to walmart pricing sub .20 a round

  22. brbaca

    My experience has been… that both this company and their ammo suck. They make a living selling shit ammo to this sub.

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