[AMMO] 45ACP Blazer Aluminum Case $.40/Round + Shipping @ Midway

[AMMO] 45ACP Blazer Aluminum Case $.40/Round + Shipping @ Midway


[AMMO] 45ACP Blazer Aluminum Case $.40/Round + Shipping @ Midway

12 reviews for [AMMO] 45ACP Blazer Aluminum Case $.40/Round + Shipping @ Midway

  1. NickName_Lays

    free shipping OFFER55555

  2. HarbringerofLead

    Why the heck did they make the 1000 round selection more expensive? Weird.

  3. afreeman25

    In for 3 Code offer55555 will get free shipping

  4. waehrik

    Shipping is a reasonable $21/1000 to NH

  5. NewCollectorr

    Oof aluminum. Made my pants tingle for a second.

  6. SMZcrystals

    Oos. Thanks for posting OP

  7. afreeman25

    Can you use at a range?

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  9. MatrixMurk

    Bought 5 thank you!

  10. avc4x4

    With the free shipping this is a pretty good deal for .45 even though it’s not brass.

  11. derfdog

    God I still hate myself for lying almost $.70 a round for this when 45 was unobtanium and I wanted to shoot my new to me xd45

  12. waehrik

    Bot OOS

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