[Ammo] .38 SPECIAL 158 GR FMJ – NORMA – QTY 50 $23.15 46cpr Free ship over $150 orders

[Ammo] .38 SPECIAL 158 GR FMJ – NORMA – QTY 50 $23.15 46cpr Free ship over $150 orders


[Ammo] .38 SPECIAL 158 GR FMJ – NORMA – QTY 50 $23.15 46cpr Free ship over $150 orders

16 reviews for [Ammo] .38 SPECIAL 158 GR FMJ – NORMA – QTY 50 $23.15 46cpr Free ship over $150 orders

  1. Tuco86x

    Still waiting for some Norma 357 but this will help feed your revolvers

  2. FLdadof2

    Try Welcome10 for a promo code to see if you can get it down to $20.85/ box or .42cpr. It worked a couple days ago for me.

  3. throwy3000

    Obligatory Norma upvote 👍

  4. Rthegoodnamestaken

    I don’t remember seeing .38 this cheap in awhile

  5. Efanito

    Holy shit .38 spl at a not batshit cpr. Haven’t seen that in…well, 3 years

  6. TheChance916

    Welcome10 worked for me, if it says “coupon limit reached” just use another email to check out.

  7. MyGFLikes2SneezeOnMe

    When did Norma start charging tax in MO 🙁 ?

  8. jhizzzzzz

    Got 500 rounds for my lever gun 🙌🏻

  9. thesoleyspirit

    In for 15!

  10. spyder994

    Anyone know if this is 7-round GP100 friendly?

  11. Deathglove

    Does anyone know if Norma requires a signature for delivery?

  12. niftorium

    Finally something to feed all those revolvers tuco been selling you

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  14. 3ambino

    328.13 for 1k 9mm 124gr nice!

  15. IcebergBayou

    It doesn’t seem to say it’s +P, but that’s a pretty high velocity. Anyone know if it’s +P?

  16. tyraywilson

    Looking at this price, I’m really glad that I stocked up during the great walmart purge.

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