[Ammo] 38 Special 130 Grain FMJ Tula 1000 Rounds – $450.00

[Ammo] 38 Special 130 Grain FMJ Tula 1000 Rounds – $450.00


[Ammo] 38 Special 130 Grain FMJ Tula 1000 Rounds – $450.00

12 reviews for [Ammo] 38 Special 130 Grain FMJ Tula 1000 Rounds – $450.00

  1. LAChargersDr

    These fucking suck, I wouldn’t suggest em

  2. captain_borgue

    These are *terrible*. Don’t do it.

  3. Rude-Garbage-4003

    why is 38spc still so expensive?

  4. userhelp2A

    Don’t do it. Just don’t. Our of ten rounds, two had split casings, which jammed a Henry and a S&W. Furthermore, each casing was a pain to extract.

  5. Oneshoeleroy

    You’d be better off spending this amount on reloading gear even if you mess up 1/2 the rounds.

  6. jsl5k

    Don’t buy this stuff. Hard to extract and can’t reload the cases. Also way too expensive for 38–wait until .357 mag brass hits this price.

    These were regular/non-sale prices before 2020:

    1 x Federal AE 38 Special 130 FMJ AE38K (1000 Round Case) (AE38K)  = $274.95

    1 x Federal .357 Magnum 158 Gr JSP (1000 round case) (AE357A) = $384.95

  7. honeybadgerAK

    Bought once for my SP101, I’ll stay away because of all the stuck cases in the cylinder.

  8. impulsebuyer999

    Great youtube channel but their ammo prices really aren’t that great

  9. All_the_X_squared

    Everyone’s saying this sucks in (what I presume to be) revolvers.

    Does anyone have experience with this ammo in lever guns?

  10. Yuengling_Beer

    Never thought I’d see steel case .38 special

  11. Puzzleheaded_Ad8317

    I’d wanna try this in .357 mag

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