[Ammo] 308 Win – 147 gr FMJ-BT – PMC (308B) – 500 Rounds ($389)

[Ammo] 308 Win – 147 gr FMJ-BT – PMC (308B) – 500 Rounds ($389)


[Ammo] 308 Win – 147 gr FMJ-BT – PMC (308B) – 500 Rounds ($389)

6 reviews for [Ammo] 308 Win – 147 gr FMJ-BT – PMC (308B) – 500 Rounds ($389)

  1. 1B3AR

    Hahahah….. No

  2. laur408

    25 ship to TX plus 33 tax

  3. cmorgan2481

    I have 2 AR10’s, one is an 18″ Match grade barrel, the other is sig 716i both get 5+ MOA groups with this. I bought 500 rounds a long time ago cheap and it’s not even worth that. Worst accuracy of any ammunition I’ve had, by far, bullets must be unbalanced or something.

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  5. FreedomEagle99

    What a terrible price. Glad I stocked up on that stuff from radian for 60cpr a few weeks ago.

  6. creedbratt0n

    Ban Staters beware: this company refuses to ship to any scawy blue states because they, like many online retailers, are either too lazy or don’t care enough to do 5 minutes of googling to figure out that it’s entirely legal to do so by following 1-2 extra steps (such as obtaining a copy of a firearms license).

    Consider supporting websites like TrueShot, ZincPoint, FreedomMunitions or Target Sports USA who all ship ammo to Massachusetts and other “ban states”. We have it hard enough as it is dealing with legislative BS from within. It’s a shame that more and more retailers are so quick to tuck tail and be complicit in the marginalization of the second amendment.

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