[Ammo] .308 tula 500rd case – $249 No Tax $20 Flat Rate Shipping

[Ammo] .308 tula 500rd case – $249 No Tax $20 Flat Rate Shipping


[Ammo] .308 tula 500rd case – $249 No Tax $20 Flat Rate Shipping

19 reviews for [Ammo] .308 tula 500rd case – $249 No Tax $20 Flat Rate Shipping


    Would it be sacrilegious to shoot this in my Garand?


    .45cpr if you get two

  3. morris9597

    Just a heads up before anyone goes crazy, 50 cpr is about going rate for 308 steel case.

    Brass is about 60 cpr.

    EDIT: Based on the number of comments of disbelief about 60 cpr brass, a lot of you have never heard of ammoseek.com.

  4. IdyllicArcadia

    Do these deal in Minute of Barn terroritory? Or is it adequate?

  5. Ill_Net5528

    I’ve never had steel cased ammo do me as dirty as this. I had to beg and plead with my GSR to get the casing out while promising never to feed it this garbage again. Never again.

  6. victorconcepts

    Guess i need to buy another 308 rifle to justify more ammo

  7. BigBouy234

    These hoes tumbled out of my 308

  8. BrambleVale3


  9. DiamondVikingCryto

    And this is why I will never sell my CETME. It loves this ammo out to two hundred yards on milk jugs.

  10. jgisbo007

    Will my galil ace gen 1 take steel?

  11. thorosaurus

    I think that’s pre pandemic, maybe even a bit better. Now if 9mm could just go back to 13 cents and 223 back to 19 cents

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  13. Rseattle206

    Is this seller legit?

  14. RaptorATF

    My hk91 thanks you

  15. Chieftyfifty

    These are boxer primed steel cased wow!

  16. pantlesspuma

    Please don’t run this in FALs. Unsupported chambers don’t do well with tula.

    Weirdly though, my PA10 loves this stuff and is fairly accurate.

  17. Senditduud

    Would an Areo M5 eat this?

  18. Master-Blaster42

    Do these have a magnetic bullet?

  19. Raider-Of-Lost-Kek

    Shittiest ammo on the market imo

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