[AMMO] .308 (7.62×51) 146 GR (M80 BALL) 10rnd box – $6.99 ($0.70cpr) Free shipping over $200

[AMMO] .308 (7.62×51) 146 GR (M80 BALL) 10rnd box – $6.99 ($0.70cpr) Free shipping over $200


[AMMO] .308 (7.62×51) 146 GR (M80 BALL) 10rnd box – $6.99 ($0.70cpr) Free shipping over $200

10 reviews for [AMMO] .308 (7.62×51) 146 GR (M80 BALL) 10rnd box – $6.99 ($0.70cpr) Free shipping over $200

  1. mtm215

    Had good luck ordering 9mm and 5.56 from this website lately. Worth checking out for some decent 308 brass

  2. Apolopolo99

    I haven’t seen anyone else point out yet that apparently RUAG doesn’t make civilian ammo, when RUAG ammo comes up for sale it’s because the ammo didn’t meet their standards for some reason, they’ll test a random sample from a lot and if it isn’t good enough for whatever reason they’ll get rid of the entire batch.

  3. LewsxTherin

    In for 50!

    Awesome deal thank you for the post.

  4. 30rdsIsStandardCap

    This ammo any good?

  5. nanananananabatdog

    Is this dealer GTG?

    Shit. I already bought 30. I guess I’ll find out.

  6. someperson1423

    Anyone know if this is magnetic? Unfortunately where I shoot matches is plagued by fuddlore so they won’t allow anything that sticks, like my Swiss 7.5x55mm does.

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  8. jl56288

    Any promo codes?

    CA tax is insane (~10%), which means RUAG 556 free shipped to me is 55cpr 😭 (not including FFL ammo transfer fee).

    If I can knock it down to 50cpr tax+shipped I’d buy it…

  9. poinanipounder

    Do these ship in boxes where people know it’s ammo? Or is packaging just a regular box?

  10. ShermansMatchbook

    I’m guessing this is not corrosive?

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