[Ammo] 25 12-gauge rifled slugs for $3.99 (15.8 cpr before shipping)

[Ammo] 25 12-gauge rifled slugs for $3.99 (15.8 cpr before shipping)


[Ammo] 25 12-gauge rifled slugs for $3.99 (15.8 cpr before shipping)

39 reviews for [Ammo] 25 12-gauge rifled slugs for $3.99 (15.8 cpr before shipping)

  1. zlockdown

    Gotta be a decimal place error. Somebody’s in trouble!

  2. IoniKryptonite

    Put in an order for 100 slugs! I’ll let ya know when they cancel my order! Ha

  3. idonthaveapanda

    OOS you savages. Crazy good deal if they actually ship this.

  4. VexisArcanum

    The page no longer exists

  5. Chulgo

    No idea if this is an error on their end, but these guys have 12 gauge slugs listed as $3.99 for a box of 25. The pricing makes a lot of sense if its only for a box of 5, but the SKU is listed as RSL12-25, and I believe the 25 means 25 rounds.

    Don’t crucify me if I’m wrong fellas.

  6. WilllOfD

    They took that down so quick lmao pls update if they cancel orders

  7. Guroqueen23

    I bought a case of 100 slugs on gunbroker for 1 cent last week because no-one else bid on it after I did. They just showed up today and Idk whether to feel bad or laugh my ass off.

  8. mjisdagoat23


  9. Ainoskedoyu

    Anyone who got in on this, you’re obligated to report back how it turns out!

  10. SwitchNut

    These aren’t slugs according to the picture in the listing…think it says its shot

  11. geogeo00

    Lol fuck it in for 5

  12. gump59

    Just bought 10… Guess I will find out what the deal is

  13. Hardy3391

    In for 10 I might order more that is a steal

  14. SimpsonX

    Ordered 10 boxes lets see how it goes.

  15. unluckygrey

    Ordered 5. There were 7 left when I placed.

  16. bigcockondablock

    Wow, jealous. Keep us posted guys if you really get that deal.

  17. butidontwanttoforum

    Rio is garbage ammo, but 20cpr is 20cpr.

  18. Defenestraitorous

    This seems suspiciously low…what are these slugs?

  19. NewBuddhaman

    Order 100 rounds. Don’t generally shoot my shotgun but slugs might be fun.

  20. chr1st0ph3r-is

    May I ask, wtf?

  21. AngryBiteyPlatypus

    In for four.

  22. thedurand

    Dammit just sold out.

  23. SinnyInExile

    Picked up 8, not as many as some but I really shoot shotgun so little that 200 rounds will last me years. Also have a decent deal on 762×39 right now as well. something around 31c a round

  24. jax74819

    I’m sure they meant this price for the box of five. Now to see if they honor all these orders…

  25. Godsownsin

    Damn, out of stock 🙁

  26. mjisdagoat23

    Something not right with this. It’s gotta be a mistake. Unless they got a massive backlogged shipment and need to get them out immediately.

  27. Graph__

    Damn, page doesn’t exist.

  28. ProletarianBastard

    Dead link…

  29. ReverendCatch

    Rifled slugs plus smooth bore barrel equals who cares it’s cheap and fun to shoot

  30. Chulgo

    They just cancelled my order, but gave me a code for $10 off. Sorry it didnt work out fellas

  31. Tschudy

    Reporting in. Unfortunately it WAS a mistake and they’re sending out refunds with a $10 coupon”

  32. Dr_Nice01

    Heads up all they just canceled my order citing incorrect quantity posted which caused a site crash(????) and have canceled because of it

  33. Tschudy

    Whats the catch? Either way, in for 10 boxes.

  34. phergordon

    Ya I bought 40 boxes… We shall see..

  35. TheRealAmer

    Says oos now :'(

  36. Hell__Diver


  37. Floridamanridesagain

    In for 250 rounds!

  38. Whistle_While_U_Lurk


  39. SwitchNut

    Disappeared in front of my eyes 🙁

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