[ammo] .223 tula for $.35cpr

[ammo] .223 tula for $.35cpr


[ammo] .223 tula for $.35cpr

7 reviews for [ammo] .223 tula for $.35cpr


  2. forGodcountryfamily5

    Hold the line boys. This is dropping because we are not buying. We wont this at least 7cpr lower to even consider buying this.

  3. unforgiverii

    Whoever isn’t HODLing is banned from buying ammo when it inevitably returns to normal prices in the near future.

  4. nlb40

    It’s happening keep HOLDING

  5. OutHereTrappin


  6. Tring_g3


  7. peanutmanak47

    I have horrible memory, how much was this before the prices went stupid?

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