[Ammo] 223 Rem – Wolf Performance 55 Gr. FMJ 1000 rds. Steel Case $409.99 41cpr Free Shipping

[Ammo] 223 Rem – Wolf Performance 55 Gr. FMJ 1000 rds. Steel Case $409.99 41cpr Free Shipping


[Ammo] 223 Rem – Wolf Performance 55 Gr. FMJ 1000 rds. Steel Case $409.99 41cpr Free Shipping

25 reviews for [Ammo] 223 Rem – Wolf Performance 55 Gr. FMJ 1000 rds. Steel Case $409.99 41cpr Free Shipping

  1. ButterMyFuckingToast

    Only buy if you absolutely need it, otherwise hold.

  2. sanbol87

    you guys say hold but it always gets sold out lol we all need to giα»― together

    Edit sold out. It’s better not to post them

  3. uhkayus

    Why is 7.62×39 cheaper than 223? Both are steel, and I’m assuming both are using almost equivalent amount of powder and resources?

  4. lv_techs

    Demand coming down, manufacturers and distributors are trying to sell everything thing they can at these inflated prices, I imagine its gonna keep coming down over the next few months. Already dropped about 30% in the last month.

  5. Shadez_Actual

    HODL till 25 cpr or less

  6. bernieb123

    Just wanted to put a positive reference in for the vendor. Ordered on Wednesday and received on Saturday. Vendor is G2G in my book.

    I really appreciate the sentiment in holding the line on pricing, but some people just wanna go shoot. I understand both viewpoints. OP put it well: buy it if you need to, otherwise hold. I for one am definitely appreciating the recent downward trend in ammo pricing and hope to see it continue to go down. Only time (and current events πŸ˜…) will tell.

  7. kitsinni

    Natchez over here at .64 for exactly the same and probably ready to raise the prices.

  8. [deleted]


  9. gumby36psi

    American HDOL

  10. NYG_5

    Damn, if there’s ever an indication to hold all your gun purchases for a while, this is it. Prices are starting to drop a lot and availability is picking up.

  11. urban1alchemist

    Our holding is paying off! SO KEEP FUCKING HOLDING!!!!

  12. dswen17


  13. schabarth

    Wolf steel for 7.62 is fine but i bought a box of this in .223 last year and I couldn’t get through a magazine without at least one failure to extract. Ended up having to use a barrel cleaning rod to slam the casing out of the chamber as the only reliable way to clear these casings. Was out with buddies trying to burn through this ammo since I had it and it caused four separate ARs to fail, and we said fuck it and swore never to use this ammo again.

  14. luckygunnerx30

    In for 3 thanks OP its big shooting season

  15. rollpi


  16. qballis

    Anyone heard of this company before? Odds it actually ships?

  17. dsg85gt

    Why is anything 40cpr or more still being posted here?

  18. AYooper

    I’m kinda leaning away from shooting steel through my ars anymore. I have some steel and I shoot it through my psa range toy but going to hold for brass at this point. Certainly wouldn’t buy this much steel.

  19. West_Banker


  20. That_Baker_Guy

    I think I bought 1k rounds of wolf for .19cpr shipped in Oct of 19′.

    For the times we’re in this is a buy if needed price.

  21. Shadow_beats


  22. FistfulOfMemes

  23. newtypedeikun


  24. [deleted]


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