[Ammo] 22 LR 38gr High Velocity CPHP @ $0.096pr

[Ammo] 22 LR 38gr High Velocity CPHP @ $0.096pr


[Ammo] 22 LR 38gr High Velocity CPHP @ $0.096pr

9 reviews for [Ammo] 22 LR 38gr High Velocity CPHP @ $0.096pr

  1. OriginalKetzal

    $10 flat rate shipping

  2. JayRnasty

    How dirty are these? Looking for ammo for my cmmg 22lr concersion on a 5.56 upper.

  3. Rjsmith5

    Not a horrible price. The cheapest I’ve seen the 250 round packs of this in the last year was $18ish (IIRC) at Sportsman’s Warehouse around Christmas.

  4. KeithJamesB

    Is it me or does Aguila have a distinct smell when fired?

  5. VodkaViking

    Anyone able to check out? Site doesn’t seem to wan to load for me past the payment screen.

  6. Roundr-Inc

    Thanks for posting. I love this ammo!

  7. WilllOfD

    Shows 10cpr for me ? Did they raise the price or am I reading the title wrong

  8. NoveskeCQB

    I have 5,000 rounds of this ammo 🤣

  9. WACOtheATF

    Cabela’s had this for half this price back in October.

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