[Ammo] 12 Gauge Dragons Breath – 25 Rounds – $107.99

[Ammo] 12 Gauge Dragons Breath – 25 Rounds – $107.99


[Ammo] 12 Gauge Dragons Breath – 25 Rounds – $107.99

26 reviews for [Ammo] 12 Gauge Dragons Breath – 25 Rounds – $107.99

  1. CrunchBite319

    The ultimate home defense load.

    Can’t be a victim of a home invasion if you have no house *taps head*

  2. theoriginalharbinger

    If you live in the West, make sure you set aside a few extra thousand for your legal defense fund should you get charged with “Causing a catastrophe” when you light some brush or forest on fire.

  3. whiskey_outpost26

    Seems like a kinda pricey way to set fire to my backyard.

  4. Impetus_

    can i shoot clays with these? i wanna scare the fudds at my local range

  5. ChunkyBrassMonkey

    I remember the first time I shot 22LR tracers. It was snowing and I was still so afraid to start a fire I’d only aim into a snowdrift against the berm…

    The flamability of these make those look like a squirt gun.

  6. Philys411

    Not available in Florida. Definitely didn’t see that coming

  7. IdyllicArcadia

    432 cpr for these

  8. TacomaGlock

    Will this light my enemies on fire?

  9. SpokPt2

    Good for home defense?

  10. The-Legate-Lanius

    Do these have any practical application throughout the history of their production or have they always been for fun?

  11. Veloldo

    I don’t really want any, but am curious if this is a normal price for these?

  12. BlasterDoc

    This for 25 rounds for $108

    ..or double down and get the flamethrower a few posts below this one for $549?

    If dragons breath wasnt scary enough.. what is [Dragon Buck](https://youtu.be/sWiD2-Pbo-M)?

  13. NoDonut9078

    I was underwhelmed when I shot these last time.

  14. BadUberDriver666

    I don’t hate anyone enough to waste $5 on them.

  15. Florida_Man_Revolt

    Last line of the link is Anti ATF rounds… lol

  16. 01000101_01111010

    Just my opinion but these are absolute garbage. I wouldn’t buy more if they were only $25 for 25. It’s a weak crackling firework that’s no better than a decent roman candle. Every aspect of it is under whelming.

  17. ch3st3rrr

    So you’re now i have to buy a real “Doof Doof” this is so bad ass.

  18. stickydude1

    HODL, back in the beforetimes I was getting these for a nickel and a handy per round! Prices have to come back down!

  19. MP5SD5

    Smokey the Bear downvoted this one.

  20. SmokeyDasBear

    In for 10, thanks OP.

  21. FinallyRage

    I got a few of these 2 years ago, they were kinda meh. Fun to shoot once but not at all what we were expecting

  22. ilikepie145


  23. Mecha_Ninja

    Can we discuss the hyperlink for a second 🤣

  24. OcelotPrize

    Damnit OOS!

  25. Stick-To-Your-Guns

    Is it just me or do they not list the size of the shell *anywhere?* Are these 2 3/4 or what?

    Edit: Aaannnnndddd they’re gone. Anyone know what [“Dragon Buck”](https://www.steelcityammoco.com/shop/shotgun-ammunition/12-gauge/12-gauge-dragon-buck-5-rounds/) is??

  26. Emergency_Doubt

    Where is that shockwave post again? 🤔

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