[AMMO] 10mm 180gr JHP @ $0.78pr

[AMMO] 10mm 180gr JHP @ $0.78pr


[AMMO] 10mm 180gr JHP @ $0.78pr

4 reviews for [AMMO] 10mm 180gr JHP @ $0.78pr

  1. Corey307

    There’s “hollow points” and there’s hollow points that actually open up. I’m guessing these are junk.

  2. Rjsmith5

    I’m not sure whose bullets they’re using for these, but they also have a [Hornady XTP HP](https://precisiononeammunition.com/product/10mm-180gr-hpxtp-new-50rds/) for an extra $15 a box.

  3. echocall2

    This isn’t a deal. 60 cpr or less for best mm

  4. Toeknife35


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