[AMMO] 10mm 180gr FMJ @ $0.66pr

[AMMO] 10mm 180gr FMJ @ $0.66pr


[AMMO] 10mm 180gr FMJ @ $0.66pr

12 reviews for [AMMO] 10mm 180gr FMJ @ $0.66pr

  1. Rausch

    This is some weak best mm. Another $3/50 buys solid ammo from Sig, which is like 200fps hotter.

  2. gdmfsobtc

    Friends don’t let friends buy LAX / Freedom Munitions

  3. jsl5k

    LAX, not even once.

  4. ShittyAnalysisGuy

    Fuck LAX ammo. Won’t ship to locals in CA and charges way higher prices in-store to CA customers.

  5. bigfoot_76

    Best millimeter at the second worst vendor.

  6. Individual_Fox_9690

    1059 fps is just flaccid. 1200fps or bust!

  7. lermandude

    For anyone wondering you can chamber and fire 40sw safely in most 10mm autos. If you’re considering this for practice ammo just get .40, and if you’re wanting to practice w full power loads others have mentioned this stuff is lukewarm at best.

  8. possumgambling

    Not a deal.

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  10. FormalYeet


  11. loki993

    geeze 66 cpr for Shit ammo from a shit “manufacturer”

  12. ATF0PenUp

    1059 FPS

    Not a deal

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