[Ammo] 1,000rds Belom 124gr brass cased 9mm, $399.99 shipped

[Ammo] 1,000rds Belom 124gr brass cased 9mm, $399.99 shipped


[Ammo] 1,000rds Belom 124gr brass cased 9mm, $399.99 shipped

13 reviews for [Ammo] 1,000rds Belom 124gr brass cased 9mm, $399.99 shipped

  1. Mighty43

    Did they decide it was too cheap yesterday or this different ammo?

  2. chamsticks

    Was cheaper yesterday! Nature is reversing!!!

  3. SgtHop

    This was just 32.5cpr yesterday from the same source.

  4. Bilo_Sagdiev

    Yesterday Velocity changed it to out of stock then today added it back and bumped the price $75 :/

  5. yoitszo

    I believe yesterday was a “flash” sale, per yesterday’s pic and description from Velocity. Today’s price is aligned with their box “nonsale” price (also in stock yesterday).

  6. DJHardCokc

    Oyyy. Hopefully they dont cancel our orders from yesterday lol

  7. Street_Molasses

    Back in stock. A bit pricier than yesterday but it’s available. It was advertised as on sale yesterday…


    Wait a second…

  9. Ammo_Cat

    Looks like they learned their lesson from yesterday and raised the price….

  10. jaybee1669

    About $100 more than my max i’m willing to spend on a case of ball 9mm. I guess we’ll see what 2022 brings.

  11. Bearking485

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaait a second!

  12. socalktran

    Price isn’t bad comparing to everything else but this ammo is awfully dirty (really really dirty) and I got a bunch of failures to fire the last batch I bought. Good ammo if you want to practice your malfunction drills but I’d never pick up Belom if i had the choice. Had a minimum of 1-3 misfires every 10 rounds in multiple guns (glocks, cz sp01, beretta 92, staccato). Might’ve been a bad batch but 3 duds in 10 rounds makes their QC questionable. Just a heads up before you get some.

  13. CraayyZ556

    Yesterday the price was cheaper. It’s pretty sad that despite amount of sales they had yesterday that they felt the need to bump the price. Talk about gouging..


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