[ammo] 1,000rds Belom 124gr brass cased 9mm, $325 shipped (32.5cpr)

[ammo] 1,000rds Belom 124gr brass cased 9mm, $325 shipped (32.5cpr)


[ammo] 1,000rds Belom 124gr brass cased 9mm, $325 shipped (32.5cpr)

44 reviews for [ammo] 1,000rds Belom 124gr brass cased 9mm, $325 shipped (32.5cpr)

  1. MisterMasterCylinder

    FYI, for anyone looking at this that doesn’t know – NATO-spec ammo is a little higher pressure than standard. It’s not a problem for basically any modern firearm, but just be aware it’s a little different

  2. _a_new_nope

    Someone talk me out of this

  3. 2alife

    Interesting how they’re selling 1K Tula steel case further down the page for $400.

  4. nozappyplease

    I’m covered for a good while but I still check a few times a week for pricing trends. The stuff is in stock, ships free and the price seems to be normalizing.

    If you need it, do ya thang, shawty.

  5. lockdown36

    Love me some good Serbian ammo.

  6. SendMoreAmmo

    I have a few boxes of this stuff kicking around, honestly seems like really solid Ammo from what I can tell. Primers are sealed, brass cased, no duds for me so far. Send it.

  7. N1ightwolf95

    Please someone put this OOS im trying to behave

  8. elevenpointf1veguy

    I’m kicking myself, but am taking 20-ish people to the range in two weeks. I cant hack it out of my stash. In for 3k.

  9. JK-Forum_Loser

    Don’t know if I can hold any longer. This seems like a great deal for the times.

    Edit: Sigh. I hold.

  10. Crypticparabellum

    The free shipping made me do it …. Just under $0.35 delivered is solid right now.

  11. brobot_

    Thanks for the restock!

  12. DrKDB

    Dammit. I may have to bite on this one.

    Edit: I caved. Thx OP. P30L needs some spicy NATO feed.

  13. WilllOfD

    They had 140 in stock at time of posting and now OOS, you savages

  14. Weekly_Okra3859

    I caved, In For 1. If the Winchester recall hadnt made my tiny 300 round reserve useless I wouldn’t have, but I had to do it for decent brass NATO spec ammo at the lowest shipped price I’ve seen in forever.

  15. derp_sauce

    Down to 300 rounds of 9mm. Fuck it, in for 1.

  16. immortan_jared

    In for 1. Down to a couple hundred rounds steel case. Thanks OP

  17. Tactically_Fat

    Dammit. I bought into a Reddit deal last Friday for like $70 more bucks.

    Y’all – it may be an overspend to shell out $300-400 for a case of 9 – but considering what we all have been going through the last 18 months or so – I say go for it.

  18. West_Banker


  19. teotwawkilife


  20. MuteMouse

    Is 20c 9mm over for the next few years?

  21. ComradeHX


  22. Enigma_x23


  23. Mobeer

    This is brass ammo, and at worst will be blazer-level quality.

  24. TatakUno

    I’ve been looking for a great deal on 124 grain. In for one!! Thanks OP.

  25. CyborgPangolin

    34.6 cpr shipped.

  26. Bigmans9

    In for one. Thanks!

  27. Lincoln_Park_Pirate

    If the bots aren’t eating it up, neither am I. Damn tempting though.

  28. JsDi

    Looks tempting but I’m gonna hodl

  29. yoitszo


  30. Derosedale

    Sold out it seems now peoples😑

  31. she_said_its_fine

    Not a bad deal. Love to see the constant creep down of the prices.

    Crazy is there are still nuts buying off the ammo at almost 50cpr at gunbroker right this very moment. Not that I would feel sorry for them – stupid is who stupid does.

  32. rockinDS24

    Thankfully I’ve still got a couple thousand, so I shall hodl until we hit ~25CPR again.

  33. Germanturtle


  34. impledob

    It’ll get lower don’t blow your load yet.

  35. Topher253

    NATO shit is loaded a bit hotter than usual. I don’t care for it.

  36. MangoAtrocity

    We’re making progress. I’m still not going to buy until we see 9mm at <25cpr, but this is progress.

  37. Weebface

    Keep in mind, this stuff might be HOT. Check your pistols before running anything NATO through them – it **may** be a lot more pressurized than your typical SAAMI (Federal, CCI, PMC, etc.) and CIP (S&B, Fiocchi, Norma, etc.) rounds.

  38. YoDavidPlays

    should i buy if I dont have any at home?? or is this still overpriced?

  39. Ammo_Cat

    Sorry but stocks are getting too low on training ammo. Had to jump on this. Given that cabellas is charging the same price or more for similar stuff and the time savings of not having to drive to cabelas, this was too good to pass up. Review here on this stuff:



  40. Bambam927

    Pre covid I remember paying around $12-14 per box of 50 9mm brass, steel was less of course. For NATO brass and shipped $16/box is pretty damn good. It seems like there are a lot of economic forecasters on this sub that know what’s going to happen…. Everyone saying hold to this price. Etc. I understand wanting to drive the price of ammo down…. But it is pretty unlikely it is ever going to reach pre covid rates. So unless you’re sitting on an absolute stock pile of 9mm or happen to be poor I don’t see a reason why someone shouldn’t consider buying this.

    My fiancée and I go to range just 2X per week. We each shoot just 100 rounds of 9mm. So we are going thru 1600 rounds of 9mm per month. And we aren’t range rats by any means. Me personally I just bought 5 boxes of this. But I guess everyone on this sub has 20+k rounds of 9mm on hand at their house and haven’t been to the range during the year and 3 months of this pandemic so they maintain this stock pile? 🤣😂

  41. ProletarianBastard

    Free shipping. In for one!

  42. K-Mat11

    I think i bought it but havent gotten the confirmation email yet?

  43. BIG-MIKE-30

    In for 1k. Sorry guys needed some.

  44. wcjkd

    How much do they Charge for shipping

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