[Ammo] 100 Round Can – 50 BMG Lake City Ammo Linked – 4 Rounds M33 Ball to 1 Round M17 Tracer – $279.50

[Ammo] 100 Round Can – 50 BMG Lake City Ammo Linked – 4 Rounds M33 Ball to 1 Round M17 Tracer – $279.50


[Ammo] 100 Round Can – 50 BMG Lake City Ammo Linked – 4 Rounds M33 Ball to 1 Round M17 Tracer – $279.50

23 reviews for [Ammo] 100 Round Can – 50 BMG Lake City Ammo Linked – 4 Rounds M33 Ball to 1 Round M17 Tracer – $279.50

  1. firearms_wtf

    Fact: 50BMG is still cheaper than 6.5CM.

  2. whatamisaying2u

    Honestly not a bad deal considering how much of a hoot it is to shoot 50 BMG. Would you have more fun shooting 1 round of 50 cal or like 5 rounds of 9mm?

  3. IdyllicArcadia

    279.5 cpr before taxes or shipping and not accounting the value of the ammo can

    Yes I know it’s SGAmmo. But tracers are cool lol.

  4. Vagitarian-Diet

    Which Glock do these work in?

  5. Chapped_Assets

    I’m still salty that I posted some Raufoss rounds here a while back and got fucking banned for a week or two.

  6. PoseidonWave_

  7. magic8balI

    Are these prices I shouldn’t have got a 6.5 creedmoor. I should have got a .50 cal instead.

  8. arcticrider

    I think this is a good price, but it’s been this price for a while. I don’t think it will change anytime soon, so don’t worry about missing out on this deal. Odly 50 bmg has been fairly steady the last 2 years.

  9. Speedhabit

    No shipping to Florida, wtf

  10. CrimsonxAce

    Sooo tempted…but I still have 90 rounds of American Eagle that have been sitting in crate for almost 3 years. 😮‍💨

  11. Mjs217

    It’s cheaper by the pallet.

  12. cigritman

    Yea he raised prices but that also allowed people to get ammo if they really wanted it. Don’t miss the sob emails boo hoo I’m breaking even on this ammo plz buy

  13. salemlakes

    are these ok to shoot out of a serbu rn50 delinked of course or will i have to have medical on site just in case…. asking for a friend.

  14. Internetguy1000

    4 dollars a shot.. I’m not that rich

  15. bigfoot_76

    Here for the arbitrary Fuck Sam.

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  17. DrillTheThirdHole

    every time i see 50 cal i feel better about my 10mm decision

  18. Scatterbine

    I’d snatch it up if no tracers. That’s 20 rounds I can’t use.

  19. BurtGummer65

    Really shreds shreikers

  20. TacticalJeggings

    What is shipping? Gotta weigh like 40LBS…

  21. TacticalJeggings

    I’ve been trying to sell a can (already delinked) cheaper than that locally for like a week and no reasonable offers…

  22. lunaticrider209

    Still cheaper than the new 277 sig furry too!

  23. saint19191420

    So will these fit it my 556 pmags? And they should fire out of my barrel right it says 5.56 nato on it………………….

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