[Ammo] $0.69 CPR .357 Magnum Fiocchi 158 grain SJSP ($690 shipped)

[Ammo] $0.69 CPR .357 Magnum Fiocchi 158 grain SJSP ($690 shipped)


[Ammo] $0.69 CPR .357 Magnum Fiocchi 158 grain SJSP ($690 shipped)

12 reviews for [Ammo] $0.69 CPR .357 Magnum Fiocchi 158 grain SJSP ($690 shipped)

  1. kane-train-88

    Ouch, I am so glad I got into reloading

  2. _muenchner_herz_


  3. JKBRM0242

    Not sure to upvote or downvote. Wanna upvote for 69 CPR but downvote because 69CPR.

  4. AgreeablePie

    I’ll stick with my boxes of 38 for practice for now… someday it’ll go down

  5. jsl5k

    Just another reminder that pre-covid price for full power Federal/Remington 357 was ~38 cpr.

  6. GeorgeBushDidIt

    Forgot to mention this is for 1000ct, they also sell 500ct for half a cent more per round

  7. bigfoot_76

    People may shit on their in-house brand of ammo but the case of 556 PPU I got a few weeks ago came in 3 days so can’t knock them for that.

  8. jacegarfieldisabitch

    I’ll stick to my Norma .38 Special until these prices come down 🙁

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  10. twowords_number

    Cheapest on ammoseek, not bad

  11. just-an-engineer

    I got my LCR fairly recently. What was precovid prices of .357 magnum plinking ammo? All I know is $1 a round so far. But I’ve been just shooting .38 mostly now.

  12. Corey307

    Fuck me I was getting Aguila and PMC JSP for less than half just before everything went to shit.

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