[Accessory] Warhorse Concept Slings 15% off slings with code subscribed15

[Accessory] Warhorse Concept Slings 15% off slings with code subscribed15


[Accessory] Warhorse Concept Slings 15% off slings with code subscribed15

19 reviews for [Accessory] Warhorse Concept Slings 15% off slings with code subscribed15

  1. Vhink88

    Great slings, small business owner who is on this subreddit occasionally. Code ends today.

  2. Contortrix69

    War Horse makes good stuff, buy.

  3. Cocky_McBalls

    Are they not doing padded slings anymore?

  4. notaplaugerist

    Ordered an SBA3 brace sling from him, looks and feels great!!! Seller g2g

  5. GCP428

    Great products! Ordered one with swivels and splitfix/brace strap on Black Friday last year and super happy with it.

  6. squawkdirtytome

    Great slings

  7. FirstOrderRouge

    These slings are legit

  8. MetricSodomyHammer

    Thanks for the code! Been needing a 2 point sling for my first AR build. You know I had to get alphabet bois theme

  9. bevanballistic

    +1 to all the comments vouching for Warhorse. He makes good stuff.

  10. NineMillimeters

    Is the polyester sling material softer than the slings made from webbing?


  11. sportbiketed

    Great company with quality slings and fast shipping!

  12. Young_Clayvo

    Really happy with my sling from Warhorse. Tracking was updated same day as payment and received within five days after payment. Great people over there.

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  14. itsoneofthebifidas


  15. Sroundez

    Slings are like ties. A man needs options.

  16. strategicgrills

    I’m in for one in God’s plaid. I’ve been coveting one of those for a while, this looks like a good time.

  17. joe_sun

    When it asks if you want a metal adjuster if you say no does it come with a plastic one?

  18. darlasparents

    I have a Stribog with an SB tactical folding brace on it.
    If I wanted to get a brace strap from Warhorse, does anyone know which one to choose?

  19. crackerjak80

    Coupon expired.

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