[ACCESSORY] Mantis Training products 10% off with code squirrel + sh

[ACCESSORY] Mantis Training products 10% off with code squirrel + sh


[ACCESSORY] Mantis Training products 10% off with code squirrel + sh

24 reviews for [ACCESSORY] Mantis Training products 10% off with code squirrel + sh

  1. GunSquirrel

    Response from my host.
    “It’s going to take some time to see where the weaknesses are and what to remedy. I’m looking into it”

  2. lastgateway

    Your website needs more horsepower.

  3. GunSquirrel

    Im getting approved email confirmations of orders so it is allowing some here and there to place. I wont share the names for confidentiality reasons. If you want to verify one of these give me a call and we can reference the email.
    760 687 8096

  4. GunSquirrel

    Its bogged down still. There should not be any over sell issues. I fixed that long ago. That being said anyone who missed out today due to these issues, if you message me today I will honor the sale for you when the next batch arrives. Some items have been reported sold out to me already by folks here.

  5. GunSquirrel

    UPDATE: Transactions where processing late due to system lag. Some customers have duplicate payments that did not get registered by the system. Website is up and down still. I issued 2 over order refunds. When I can get back in constant for say 10-15 minutes I can fix everything and have labels printing for todays evening drop. Due to over orders there will be inventory to put back in stock. I am checking often so we can get back to shipping orders. I apologize for any inconvenience. I will make everything right today.

  6. GunSquirrel

    UPDATE: Website is back up about to go through and fox everything. I may call some of you for verifications. Again yes I will honor this sale to anyone who reaches out today even if it is sold out. These will ship when our next batch arrives. Thank you for your patience as we continue to sort this out. I am hoping to get all orders out today still! Thank you!

  7. GunSquirrel

    UPDATE: Got through what I could for today’s drop off. If you recieved tracking you will be outbound in the next few minutes. I still have open orders to go through. If you have not heard from me or gotten tracking please be patient. I am a one man show however I will be in touch tonight and or tracking provided for tomorrow’s outbounds.
    All double orders have been corrected. Inventory was instantly reflecting cancelations. We still have a bit of traffic flowing causing spot outages. Within 48 hours all complications experienced today should be resolved. Thank you for your continued support as we learn and adapt on the fly to best meet your needs.

  8. GunSquirrel

    Messaged my network guy to see if we can turn the power up. Pretty sure we overloaded the website with user requests from this promotion.

  9. Ryce_Cubed

    Tried checking out and the site flagged my purchase as fraud and notified my card provider

  10. Griffinhart

    Aw, damnit! I just bought a Mantis X10 like, two weeks ago from elsewhere, too…

  11. GunSquirrel

    UPDATE: Web Developer is now diving in. Host got their end handled I believe. Basically it is the three of us here. There is a web host, a developer, then me. They handle the tech I handle absolutely everything else here. We are all doing our part to resolve this as fast as possible while addressing individual comments as fast as possible.

  12. mcmaxxious

    u/GunSquirrel , do you have a Mantis mag base pad for a p320?

  13. GunSquirrel

    UPDATE: At this time all processed orders have tracking numbers assigned to them. I did ship several packages around 4:30pm central. There are a few Mantis items that will be in stock. 3 people had failed payments. I am going to see what is left offer the items to these 3 first then announce what is left. To prevent overselling I markeded all orders as paid pending this manual review. I am doing what I can to be as fair as possible to all in my handling of this situation. We did resolve several issues with the website. I cannot promise it will survive this large of a hit but I can assure you it will do far better. I did say anyone who missed out I would honor this deal if they contact me today. Some of you have already. I am not sure how I want to handle that just yet but we will make it happen. Currently we have been waiting 2 weeks to recieve orders placed for resupply. Thank you all for your understanding as we continue to work towards a better tomorrow for all.
    Thank you!

  14. GunSquirrel

    Mantis X7 Training academy 9mm blackbeards no laser and infrared are all that remain at this time. I will be reaching back out to individuals who contacted me later (today) at this point. Thank you all for your support. I am off to bed.

  15. unimpeded

    This was already posted

  16. PCgaming4ever

    Website slower than a potato. Just because you live in your mom’s basement doesn’t mean you can run a suitable website from your mom’s basement using the desktop you found in the corner /s 🤣

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  18. accountithrewaway

    Oof want one bad but cant add to cart

  19. type_with_a_lisp

    The Reddit hug of death 😩😩 I really want one of these too

  20. PCgaming4ever

    Code doesn’t seem to be working?

  21. Brimak

    Seems suspect, went to checkout and on the last page when I hit the buy button got an email about an account being created but no order confirmation. All subsequent attempts to complete purchase got service unavailable errors.

    I get the site was overloaded but if it processed my session to create an account, I don’t understand why the order didn’t also go through.

  22. randymanzone

    Transaction went through, got email saying as much, but no actual receipt to go along with it. Here’s hoping all is good and they have enough product to ship out 🤞

    Edit: checkout page still says “internal server error”, not forwarded to a “thanks for your purchase” page or anything

  23. the-tired-laborer

    Tried to buy two black beard kits and came as fraudulent on my card. Authorized it and now it won’t process order.

  24. GunSquirrel

    UPDATE: All orders shipped at this time. All customer service questions resolved (to my knowledge) I called my rep at Mantis to secure resupply. He responded with a text saying he is at shot show. Hopefully he allows me to still place my order tonight or sometime this week. If not I may have to order when they return from the event.

    If you contacted me to reserve this offer due to our technical difficulties, you should follow my page for future updates on this shipment. I will be contacting each of you tomorrow to set up your individual ONE time use codes. I am willing to make reasonable accommodations.

    Thank you all for your patience, understanding, and support! I look forward to working for you all again soon. We have been dropping deals all week except today. Tomorrow there will be another sale that wont be allowed to be posted on this page by myself due to the 5 day rule for dealers. The company is on several other platforms. Check us out and give us a follow. Premium Outfitters USA!

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