[Accessories]$95 off Cloud Defensive REIN complete kits

[Accessories]$95 off Cloud Defensive REIN complete kits


[Accessories]$95 off Cloud Defensive REIN complete kits

11 reviews for [Accessories]$95 off Cloud Defensive REIN complete kits

  1. Average_Bad_Wolf

    Hey guys! Got some complete Black REIN kits in!

    In an effort to bring you guys more and more quality items, I have became a dealer for Cloud Defensive!

    In the next few weeks I plan on having more options to choose from (different REIN colors, OWLS ETC)

    Use code code REINSAVE to knock $95 off!

    Also use code Save10 for everything else off the site!

    As always, thank you!

    #Also tax is only charged for Florida residents! It will show in the cart but will once you add your address it goes away

  2. NiceTrash

    I like your chest rigs and the prices. Where are they manufactured?

  3. kevshin21

    Man! rein vs modlite. I’m on the fence.

  4. BajaRaptor

    killer deal. wish i saw this yesterday

  5. mzab2d

    Sellers GTG. Customer service is phenomenal. Would definitely deal with him again.

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  7. DrewFires556

    Full size vs micro? Opinions wanted.

  8. Average_Bad_Wolf

    Dang, sold out of the full size!

  9. bloodcoffee

    I like your designs, do you have any pics of the whole minimalist chest rig? Also there’s a picture of a mixed tan/green minimalist chest rig, is that combo available? Thanks!

  10. Average_Bad_Wolf

    #As of now I literally have 1 micro left!

  11. TikTokInfluencer

    damn…I missed this. OP you getting any more in soon and running same sale?

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