[Accessories] YHM Mini QD flash hider 5/8×24 $49.89+S/H

[Accessories] YHM Mini QD flash hider 5/8×24 $49.89+S/H


[Accessories] YHM Mini QD flash hider 5/8×24 $49.89+S/H

14 reviews for [Accessories] YHM Mini QD flash hider 5/8×24 $49.89+S/H

  1. Stephen_Dean17

    I could be wrong but I think all of YHM Mini QD Mounts are bored to handle 9mm. Anyone have anything definitive on that?

  2. N20Joe

    Great deal. Thanks OP! In for 2.

  3. squilliam777

    Man this would be perfect for my Resonator. IF I HAD IT YET

  4. Spooning_Robots

    Dang, I’ve been waiting for a deal on these in 1/2×28

  5. fistedtaco

    So this on a .308 bolt gun to use with the R9??

  6. ajr2409

    This is the cheapest I’ve seen a YMH QD mount.

  7. GarlicFartz

    So hard to tell on yhm’s site, but this works for both 556 and .30 cans?

  8. JCue

    Now we just need a sale on the blast deflectors

  9. SuperSquared

    I just started the wait on a Resonator K and was on the lookout for something like this. Thanks OP!

  10. Psychological-Drive4

    Anyone know of any promo codes for MidWay?

  11. IgneousAssBarf

    Says $74 for me

  12. Psychological-Drive4

    In cart notification alerted me that it has gone back to regular price. Snooze you lose in my case.

  13. Mrbeercan

    Hope these work better than the phantom QD brakes

  14. ComfortableActuator

    bot oos. back to regular price.

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