[Accessories] Surefire X300U-A or X300U-B Black & Tan – $199 shipped with code SFX300

[Accessories] Surefire X300U-A or X300U-B Black & Tan – $199 shipped with code SFX300


[Accessories] Surefire X300U-A or X300U-B Black & Tan – $199 shipped with code SFX300

37 reviews for [Accessories] Surefire X300U-A or X300U-B Black & Tan – $199 shipped with code SFX300

  1. siniquezu

    seller gtg?

  2. xCharmCity

    Wow this is BIN price

  3. Vibez_127

    I have a fully functioning TLR1 HL… but I bought this anyway.

    Gotta love gundeals

  4. ultramarioihaz

    BIN pricing. Solid post.

    A for polymer/quick attach

    B for metal frame

  5. OfficialHavik

    I already got the black one, do I really need it in FDE too? Goddamn it this sub is killing me lol.

  6. Didloes556

    I was trying to save money.. but fuck this is a good deal. Now I can flex an expensive light, in for 1

  7. throwawayifyoureugly

    Anyone know how the Modlite PL350 will compare? I might holdout for that since I like the modularity idea of their lights.

  8. Limit_Desperate

    Just ordered a b model been waiting for someone to post a deal for these!

  9. pollopounder

    Sigh…. And they make it super easy to use PayPal so I don’t have to get up and get my wallet. In for 1.

  10. ForgeLT

    Damnnnn nice find. In for 2!

  11. Ben__34

    Appreciate your post man!

  12. Metallicafan352

    Dammit OP, you got me. In for an A.

  13. Historical_Test234

    I nutted a lil. In for an a

  14. CyborgPangolin



    In for 1.

  15. GunnyBearNW

    Wow. They make it WAY too easy on checkout. Great price, in for 2. Thanks OP!

  16. partialcremation

    I’ve been waiting on a deal, thank you!

  17. JustTheTipp_

    Hodling for modlite pl350

  18. InfiniteWalrus09

    In for one of the tan B’s.

  19. john_smith_doe

    Does anyone know if this will fit on a P226 extreme?

  20. TheCat0115

    Dammit you all hate my checking account. In for a B in black, my first Surefire

  21. MadRhetoric04

    How is this compared to a TLR1HL?

  22. g1flight


  23. ilikepie145

    Damn great deal

  24. Bcomplexity

    Holy hell bin

  25. Son-of-Thunder-7

    A is sold out

  26. creiner1

    Where do you enter the code? Edit: nm it’s the very last page of checkout. Still shows $6 shipping for me though

  27. ireddyamom


  28. _HereForTheBeer

    Thanks OP. My first surefire

  29. Acceptable_North_117

    Do you recommend the a or b for both AR and Glock

  30. jamb44

    Great price! Only 50 more than a tlr-1 hl FDE.

    In for one B-Tan for my new M9A3 :)! Can’t wait.

  31. dataSniffer

    My indecision over a or b type has led me to nothing lol

  32. pollopounder

    Has anyone gotten an order confirmation or anything?

  33. g1flight

    Wow I got mine extremely fast! A+ service

  34. Quality_Arms

    Both A and B are $296 in cart and listed. Maybe a pricing error?

    Edit: Oops middle of the night reading comprehension was no good.

  35. IAmTheKingOfNoPants

    Order got cancelled. Anyone else?

  36. Acceptable_North_117


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