[ACCESSORIES] STREAMLIGHT TLR-VIR 2 $263.30 shipped +taxation

[ACCESSORIES] STREAMLIGHT TLR-VIR 2 $263.30 shipped +taxation


[ACCESSORIES] STREAMLIGHT TLR-VIR 2 $263.30 shipped +taxation

6 reviews for [ACCESSORIES] STREAMLIGHT TLR-VIR 2 $263.30 shipped +taxation

  1. Camanny

    SKD memorial day sale.

    Lowest i’ve seen for this light/ir laser combo. Great little piece, laser is just fine, not the most powerful and it is always slaved to the illuminator. The illuminator isn’t for distance but it gets the job done for sure.
    TFBTV has a good write up on it.

    I use it on my Glock 45 and it really comes into play when i put my .22 slide on and can still shoot under NODs. Battery life has been surprisingly long. I’ve had it for maybe 6 months and (i think i paid $300 ish then) have yet to change it.

    You do have to remove the light from the gun to change the batteries.

    I do plan on getting an x300v when i get my rmr slide from zev, at which point i plan on mounting this on a cp33 at 12o’clock. May mount it on a tiny riser to see if the clearance will allow battery swaps without unmounting. Like i said, the battery life has been surprising and when i have taken it off the zero still is pretty close (havent tested it scientifically but it hits steel still)

    Oh and it fits standard tlr1 holsters, including safariland. you just have to tighten the screws a little more.

  2. jrico59

    does it include representation?

  3. 1drinkmolotovs

    Fuck. Been looking for a deal on this in fde, which is oos. Damnit so close

  4. [deleted]


  5. EOD-Fish


  6. Camanny


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