[Accessories] Ruger Sendero Duoplex Attache Case- $22.95

[Accessories] Ruger Sendero Duoplex Attache Case- $22.95


[Accessories] Ruger Sendero Duoplex Attache Case- $22.95

4 reviews for [Accessories] Ruger Sendero Duoplex Attache Case- $22.95

  1. Econolife_350

    **Sendero:** path or trail in ~espaƱol~.

    **Duoplex:** low-stretch knit fabric of 100% polyester

    **Attache:** a person on the staff of an ambassador, typically with a specialized area of responsibility.

    This seems like a highly specific use case. Unfortunately I’m not a central/south American ambassador’s assistant that goes hiking every day.

  2. platapus112

    Good news!

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  4. Milnoch

    Other than it’s going to take forever with the stitch puller to remove that embroidered Ruger wordmark and logo seems like a competent piece. Or you just do a fast pass with a black permanent marker and blackout the logo.

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