[Accessories] Modlight PLHV2 complete light for $262.65 shipped w/ code LUMENS

[Accessories] Modlight PLHV2 complete light for $262.65 shipped w/ code LUMENS


[Accessories] Modlight PLHV2 complete light for $262.65 shipped w/ code LUMENS

12 reviews for [Accessories] Modlight PLHV2 complete light for $262.65 shipped w/ code LUMENS

  1. Logical_Perspective2

    This has to be the lowest price I’ve seen in a long while, but I’m curious how low they’ll go…..

  2. yeaitsslo

    Someone convince me to replace my streamlight with this.

  3. BusyboxBandit

    Love my plhv2 18350 on my 8.3 inch 300 blackout. Looking to get a couple 18650 for my 16 inch rifles when there are deals on them. Figure if there’s space, go bigger for more battery life.

  4. trav_man89

    I was just looking at buying this light today. I checked out this subreddit and bam. There is this deal. I’m in for one.

  5. crystal-rooster

    I’d already be checked out if this was fde. BIN

  6. maneco3000

    Come with a meal. These guys are awesome

  7. hack-a-shaq

    Fucking killer price from the best Modlite dealer around

  8. ATF0PenUp

    Why is this so expensive? Is it worth the price?

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  10. Mr_Extraction

    Same price for the OKW shipped as well

  11. DemureCynosure

    New to lights: is the only benefit to the 18350 over the 18650 rail space?

    I’m putting a light on my HD build, which is a .300 blk pistol with a 7″ rail and a Trash Panda. Is the 18650 fine for that application, or am I buying something I’ll regret later? I wanted 18650 because I use those batteries elsewhere in my life, and I wanted to keep things simple.

  12. bkfit

    In for one.

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