[Accessories] Gunlab Black Anodized 80% AR15 Lower Jig- $89.95

[Accessories] Gunlab Black Anodized 80% AR15 Lower Jig- $89.95


[Accessories] Gunlab Black Anodized 80% AR15 Lower Jig- $89.95

6 reviews for [Accessories] Gunlab Black Anodized 80% AR15 Lower Jig- $89.95

  1. DanGTG

    It’s missing a hole ~~~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

  2. 4thesporty

    So, i have 3 80% lowers i need to finish; don’t want to spend $90 for a 3 time use; how are the jigs you can 3D print?

    Or, what is the best option here?

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    I’m actually in the market for one, will probably buy a used one or wait for a deal for a more beginner friendly one though.

  5. Trevelayan

    Anybody have experience with these? How are they for a first timer?

  6. KrustyBoomer

    Bought one of these. Easy to use, but make sure you get a proper short mill section on a long shank or you risk digging into the top pattern. Goes for any jig. Main oval is offset and can be hard to know if the plate is right side up. Would be nice if these were marked.


    Still unsure on FCG pin pattern as my first lower done w/ this jig does not reset properly. Tried two separate brand FCGs which work fine on a commercial lower. Having a machinist friend go over the dimensions.

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