[Accessories] Cloud Defensive OWL BLEM Black – $299 + shipping

[Accessories] Cloud Defensive OWL BLEM Black – $299 + shipping


[Accessories] Cloud Defensive OWL BLEM Black – $299 + shipping

12 reviews for [Accessories] Cloud Defensive OWL BLEM Black – $299 + shipping

  1. echocall2

    Been waiting for a blem sale to use my mil discount butt it’s apparently not allowed 🙃

  2. x-arms

    Grabbed a clear ano blem last night but it looks like those are gone.

  3. a_very_stupid_guy

    This thing is sweet. It’s a bit heavy though on the end of a 14.5″ barrel

  4. whk1992

  5. DaDirtyPanda

    She’s thick

  6. Ded_man_3112

    I like it, less components to hot swap or just field strip off if necessary. Built like a tank and the heft to go along with it. [Nearly 3/4 of a pound](https://i.imgur.com/00ibmqr.jpg) with the battery.

  7. BrewTuna

    I’m really not impressed with these. It’s a nice package but they are a thick boi and I just like the scout beam better.

  8. Way_2_Go_Donny

    Lots of weight room issues here in the comments.

  9. ECHO9AX

    Great deal! Just got mine in yesterday

  10. shempmalone

    I have one of these. Super disappointing. It weighs a ton and that would be OK if it were super rugged, but it stopped working after my first trip to the range with it. Several attempts to contact the company to get it fixed went unanswered.

  11. redclaw05

    I have mine on the right side of my mp5.

  12. WeslySniped

    Not sure if allowed (if not I’ll delete comment) but I have a couple on my GAFs posting. Cheaper just as new.

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