[Acc] Viridian Full Auto Laser + IWB On The Spectrum (Taurus) $129

[Acc] Viridian Full Auto Laser + IWB On The Spectrum (Taurus) $129


[Acc] Viridian Full Auto Laser + IWB On The Spectrum (Taurus) $129

6 reviews for [Acc] Viridian Full Auto Laser + IWB On The Spectrum (Taurus) $129

  1. REKetofelt

    In before how many points for full auto laser

  2. asrspr

    I would never purchase another Viridian product. Bought one of their XTL camera/light units on backorder last year from them directly, arrived a few months later DOA. Support never replied to me after many emails and I couldn’t do a chargeback because it had been so long. Their phone support number also just makes you wait 10 minutes and then disconnects you.

  3. LockyBalboaPrime

    >Green laser range- up to 100 yards daylight, 2 miles at night

    100 yards maybe in the dark forests of the northern wastelands maybe.

    Their rifle one doesn’t even reach 100 ft in SoCal daylight.

  4. trailblazerpan

    Being a former user of this Viridian model on my M&P Shield, I want to add some information for those of you that are interested in this product — the auto-on function will be constantly draining battery and you need to replace the battery every 3 months. For me that’s a dealbreaker since I found it to be too much work to routinely take it off my EDC to change battery. I ended up getting a crimson trace laser that has a pressure switch on the grip. Now after a year and half the battery is still up and running. Just want to throw these information for your reference.

  5. [deleted]


  6. carsen56

    Special order, btw

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