[Acc] Surefire DS00 in Black $86.40 with code “deeznutz”

[Acc] Surefire DS00 in Black $86.40 with code “deeznutz”


[Acc] Surefire DS00 in Black $86.40 with code “deeznutz”

24 reviews for [Acc] Surefire DS00 in Black $86.40 with code “deeznutz”

  1. bevanballistic

    Here is a list of all the other codes that are currently available:

    ADM and VLTOR: use code “gdi”

    Most Forward Controls Products: use code “quack”

    UNITY Taps DBAL: use code “dbal

  2. Thepoogenie


  3. Jchonn

    In for one

  4. snipergang69

    Bevan Pls gibb $66 DA FH’s again

  5. cookiesallday88

    Any chance the next great deal on these can be posted not while I’m stuck at work?

  6. jcole217

    Got one! Thanks!!!

  7. mcpickledickle

    Awesome deal, and great seller. Would cop if I had a second light!

  8. NomaD5

    Been waiting for this, just grabbed one. Thanks!

  9. coreunlocked

    Great coupon code. In for 1


    God damnit missed this, anyone get 2 they want to part with one?? 😂

  11. [deleted]


  12. Fast__Walker

    1 left! That was close!

  13. musicman76831

    Says one in stock but won’t let me check out. Bummer.

  14. OGlazypenguin

    Ahhhh just missed it

  15. Nobes1990


  16. kevinhenry

    Great offer and coupon. Just missed it, but thanks of sharing!

  17. Econolife_350


    You’re still a real one in my book though, OP.

  18. EAsucks4324

    Any word on when FCD charging handles or dust covers will be available again?

  19. InterestingCraft3

    I’m in just Bc of the coupon code lol

  20. cjk1000000

    Great piece! Super useful for righties shooting from the left shoulder.

  21. bigballs8EEED

    My name is deez

  22. the_fluffy_enpinada

    Just a note: these will lower the output lumens significantly on DF or 1000+ lumen heads (modlight, malkoff etc)

    Work great with sub 1k lumen and vampire heads though.

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  24. bevanballistic

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