[Acc] Streamlight TLR-7 Sub for P365/XL or G43x/G48 – $99.99

[Acc] Streamlight TLR-7 Sub for P365/XL or G43x/G48 – $99.99


[Acc] Streamlight TLR-7 Sub for P365/XL or G43x/G48 – $99.99

16 reviews for [Acc] Streamlight TLR-7 Sub for P365/XL or G43x/G48 – $99.99

  1. BurnMuscleBuildFat

    need this price on the tlr-7A

  2. dr_bund

    Lowest ive ever seen

  3. rockinDS24

    For reference, this is the 43X **MOS** model, not the standard.

  4. Vibez_127

    Cries in non mos g43x 😂

  5. Fuckreddit696900

    Flush fit with P365?

  6. alex-lexa

    Would these fit on any p80 frames?

  7. Ryanrealestate

    The gap and the way it’s not flush bugs me on the 365xl

  8. Dylan5546

    Do they make compatible holsters for these on a Glock 43x MOS?

  9. jontyllis

    It hurts me a little to see these prices after what I have spent on these before.

  10. Agitated_Pie_890

    Nice, been wanting one of these for my sig. thanks OP

  11. MSpeedAddict

    Tempting but hard to pull the trigger with an “imminent” release from Cloud Defensive

  12. MikeWaz0wski

    fwiw the 1913 TLR-7 Sub also fits up on the HK45C oddball rail

  13. bab5871

    Decent price if you don’t mind waiting. So $116 shipped, but they’re saying maybe mid Feb for delivery. I’ll just pay the extra $10 and get it this weekend from amazon.

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  15. frbastiat2

    Would this fit P320 compact?

  16. WhatInTarnation999

    Does this work with 43x with recover tactical rail attachement? I don’t believe it does but maybe someone can confirm

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