[Acc] Streamlight ProTac HL-X 1000-Lumen Rail Mount WeaponLight w/ Remote Switch – $99

[Acc] Streamlight ProTac HL-X 1000-Lumen Rail Mount WeaponLight w/ Remote Switch – $99


[Acc] Streamlight ProTac HL-X 1000-Lumen Rail Mount WeaponLight w/ Remote Switch – $99

31 reviews for [Acc] Streamlight ProTac HL-X 1000-Lumen Rail Mount WeaponLight w/ Remote Switch – $99

  1. rokr1292

    This is the first and only rifle light I own, and I’m very satisfied with it, even though I paid $115ish because I was impatient.

    Has a straightup pic mount, so be mindful of where you intend to mount it, if you need to mount to Mlok or something, get whatever adapter you need at the same time.

    I have this mounted to an arisaka mount (gucci mount, budget light, whatever) and I love it.

    Tape switch is a little tricky to get mounted, you might feel like you have to bend it a dangerous amount to get it into the included mounts, but it will work. the mounting clips included for the switch can also be used as cable management, if you intend to route cables along the rail.

  2. deerarereallycool

    This light is awesome. I totally looked right into it when it was on and it blinded my ass for a few minutes. satisfied with my purchase.

  3. Hellagen

    BIN price for my favorite weapon mounted light, I have these on all my long guns. The cost/performance ratio is excellent.

  4. AFDemon98

    Can the pic mount be removed and replaced with like a Arisaka offset mount?

  5. Step8_freedom

    Pair this with a cloud defensive LCS and arisaka mount and you’ll have a very nice budget setup.

  6. unknown_name

    Looks like no tax, but $5.95 for shipping.

    Should I hold, or…

  7. Carbs_Are_Satan

    Fun fact: [the Marine corps uses this](https://youtu.be/ccPguV6CY6M)

  8. Autobot36

    I got mines last week, this is bright af!

  9. dotMJEG

    Good deal, good light, great setup for the price.

    If your rifles currently in the dark, hurry quick and add this to your cart!

  10. MisterMasterCylinder

    I have one of these and am 100% pleased with it. Longer runtime would be nice, but there’s only so far you can stretch the batteries when you’re putting out 1000 lumens, so I don’t count that as a mark against the light.

    Puts out plenty of light, and has been 100% reliable for me.

    Just wish they made a mini version that would fit on a 5″ handguard

  11. OcelotPrize

    Best option if you aren’t going Cloud, Modlite, SF or Arisaka


    Isn’t this the normal price for these?

  13. Ernie_McCracken88

    I was planning to get the protac railmount 2, any comparison to this and did you prefer one over the other?

  14. RealSimpleCrypto

    In for one. This sub is really starting to drain my bank account

  15. Carbs_Are_Satan

    The lumen wars are on. SL needs to step up with the new thang. 1500 lumens & 62500 candela.

  16. Dreadkeeper

    Does any one have a recommend switch mount?

  17. InfiniteWood

    Anyone know of a tlr-1 hl on sale?


    List price $210 dollars, on sale for $99, now that’s a bargain!

  19. maxout2142

    Unless you plan on primarily using this outside I’d recommend using the 600 lumin model for indoor use. The 1000 is pretty damn blinding on wall back splash if you hit a wall too close to you.

  20. Trevelayan

    The light itself is fine but I’ve heard less than stellar things about the tape switch and tail cap. Best to stick with the push button on these.

  21. Zephyr4813

    Is this not the same exact price on amazon once you figure in shipping? https://www.amazon.com/Streamlight-88059-Professional-Flashlight-Batteries/dp/B06VTLLDH4?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1

  22. WeededDragon1

    I have bought several fakes from AliExpress for like $20. They perform really well even on high recoiling firearms. I have one on a Lynx 12 and it is still running and very bright.

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  24. VQopponaut35

    Thanks! In for one.

  25. tsarcasm

    In for 2, thanks OP

  26. snefgarbner52

    Just bought it from midway USA for the same price

  27. Gr4p3-S33d

    What would I need to offset cantilever mount this on mlok?

  28. Grand-Phase-7129

    Shit I just bought a used one off of GAFS for $125. Although it was low salt and comes with the Cloud defensive LCS mount so still a good deal.

  29. xTurleyx

    If I didn’t already have 3 not currently being used.

  30. Anonymous8630

    Any good mlok mounts for this?

  31. crossthreadissecured

    1.25 hours of battery life? Doesn’t seem worth it to me

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