[Acc] SOLGW Radian Raptor-LT Charging Handle, BIN Price $48

[Acc] SOLGW Radian Raptor-LT Charging Handle, BIN Price $48


[Acc] SOLGW Radian Raptor-LT Charging Handle, BIN Price $48

25 reviews for [Acc] SOLGW Radian Raptor-LT Charging Handle, BIN Price $48

  1. litegreen666

    1.99 shipping and no tax, that’s a no brainer.

  2. IkeInTX

    Thanks for spreading the word, Sol! We love you and Abbie!

  3. rooftopdefense

    Hey, guys! If y’all are looking to buy a Raptor, the time is now. These are absolutely BIN price!

  4. HeteroSectionalCouch

    A company posting an incredible deal from a different company? Knew I loved both shops, but this kind of integrity and good business practice has without a doubt made me a lifetime customer of both rooftop and big Tex.

  5. RAD_Zac

    Rooftopdefense is bae <3

  6. Lucetar

    Order placed and shipped in less than an hour! Impressive.

  7. andytzilla

    Sweet deal! Create an account to get $5 coupon at checkout.

  8. d_moss1

    Ordered one, shipped notification within 30 minutes. Outstanding!

  9. hoegaarden81

    Dannnnnnng. I can finally upgrade from my chinesium! Woooooo! In for 2.

  10. jaykaypeeness

    Good looking out. In for one with that 5 dollar off 500 points, under 45 dollars out the door is NICE.

  11. gvmelbrtyordth

    In for two! Nice deal

  12. Gingercopia

    Should be a good addition to the AR22 I’m slowly piecing together [honestly I just need the CMMg kit, a barrel, and some bits from BoreBuddy].

  13. Dontnut69

    In for 1. I can finally get rid of the radian brown on my black rifle. All I could get during the height of the pandemic.

  14. Hellfire965

    Well. Dammit. Fav ramen dealer says BIN I do what Raman man says

    Edit: 49 mins and shipped. Damn

  15. Cautious-Guest7317

    Dammit, I have to work so I can buy these stuff. But I miss these deals because I have to work. =D

    “Sorry, “SOLGW RADIAN RAPTOR LT CHARGING HANDLE 5.56 AR15/M16″ is not in stock. Please edit your cart and try again. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

  16. RealSimpleCrypto

    In for one, thanks OP

  17. thescofflawl

    in for one, thanks

  18. volckerwasright

    In for one, appreciate the heads up

  19. nalimus

    In for 2

  20. Om_is_All

    Just got one, thanks!

  21. pasghetticode

    In for 2, thanks for posting

  22. cryptodad81

    Thank you, in for one. First upgrade on my Saint victor

  23. deservethebestofoats

    Wow this is instabuy

  24. thatgreekgod


    this went really fast. one minute they’re in stock and I think, okay cool why do I need this again? after a few minutes of googling, I’m thinking maybe it’s worth trying out and then BAM sold out

    anyway, uh guys what did I just miss out on? after these that much better than the stock mil charging handles?

  25. OcelotPrize

    Good deal!

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