[Acc] Sig Sauer ROMEO ZERO Reflex Sight 6 MOA Dot Black $99.99

[Acc] Sig Sauer ROMEO ZERO Reflex Sight 6 MOA Dot Black $99.99


[Acc] Sig Sauer ROMEO ZERO Reflex Sight 6 MOA Dot Black $99.99

9 reviews for [Acc] Sig Sauer ROMEO ZERO Reflex Sight 6 MOA Dot Black $99.99

  1. QIO-

    Anyone have this that can weigh in on the quality?


    I will never pass up the opportunity to trash on this “optic”. This is not worth it even if it’s free guys, please do not be fooled thinking this is a good deal guys. I also bought mine at $100 months ago.

    Main Issues and this is just off the top of my head.

    Does not hold zero
    Battery moves around and resets the sight due to not sitting properly with recoil
    Cheap chinesium feel
    Plastic frame
    “Glass” scratches easily
    Adjustments are hard as fuck to make and require a tool
    To turn off/on the optic you either need skeleton fingers or a pen or something

    Complete shit

  3. knaudi

    I don’t understand why these are purchased when holosuns exist at not much more expensive.

  4. nationalspice

    95$ overpriced

  5. OutHereTrappin

    In for one, thanks!

  6. wanttobeoceanside

    Ooook after reading the comments looks like I will be putting this on eBay and see if I can make a few bucks instead of using it. Won’t let me cancel the order even though it’s only been 10 min

  7. FreshBadge

    Unpopular opinion but this red dot does the job on a self defense gun. No issues holding zero once it’s zeroed.

  8. wanttobeoceanside

    Bought one just because that is about $50 cheaper than any place I can find. Screw it. Don’t even need it but can’t pass up a great deal.

  9. Sweet_Meat_McClure

    Thanks again! Just received today. I may end up hating it, who knows. Was glad to see it is the current packaging that includes the shroud – through both on my p365xl and will go to the range tomorrow to see how I like it. If it works out for me I will order a 407k or something similar when I come across one for a good price and sell this on ebay or throw it on my p17 if I can find a plate.

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