[Acc] Sig Kilo1000 laser rangefinder $129.96 plus tax

[Acc] Sig Kilo1000 laser rangefinder $129.96 plus tax


[Acc] Sig Kilo1000 laser rangefinder $129.96 plus tax

17 reviews for [Acc] Sig Kilo1000 laser rangefinder $129.96 plus tax

  1. wolfpackrider

    If you have extra cash around, range finders are surprisingly useful just for shit you do not think about. I personally have a cheap busnell one from back in the day in my car for mainly hunting and scouting and shit but its fun to go to the beach and see how far out boats and shit are. IDK they’re more useful and fun than you think, and I guarantee most people on this sub have blown $130 on stupider shit while browsing this sub.

  2. wojtekthesoldierbear

    Rangefinders are super useful if not critical for certain applications. Ranging game when using an air rifle is basically a necessity.

  3. Lawmonkey14

    My $.02, fwiw: I’ve been running a Kilo2000 for about 6 years now for long range shooting and hunting. It has been pretty good to me. I can get readings out to about 2,500 yards under good lighting conditions. It does seem to be a bit sensitive in cold weather (below freezing). The AMR (angle modified ranging) is a must for western long range shooting. The biggest thing I don’t like about it is the aiming reticle. It’s an open circle, so it’s hard to tell exactly what you’re getting a reading off of at longer distances, particularly if you’re trying to range through trees or there are otherwise other objects near what you’re trying to range. Overall, good value for the money.

  4. akenthusiast

    Just a heads up the 1000 yard range finding ability is on a reflective target like a steel plate or something. Animals and other small non reflective targets will be closer to 500 yard capability.

    This is true of every range finder

  5. larplabs

    Anyone else want to weigh in on this vs other options?

    I’m mostly going to buy one to take on walks with the dog for practice estimating range. Looking at an item, getting range, then confirming via some sort of range finder.

  6. TheChiRho

    Does this pair with the BDX scope

  7. RenoMillenial

    Thank you OP, I’ve been looking to upgrade my 500 Yard Nikon for a while and this is a fantastic deal, just ordered.

  8. MasterWarChief

    Link is dead looks like the item is OOS or they took down the product.

  9. ManCream3000

    Oos, looks like. I was just about to pull the triggy.

  10. GoodLordImBoring

    Bot oos

  11. GoodLordImBoring

    I’m not sure how great of a deal this is, but I was in the market for a rangefinder and this was the cheapest non-chinesium one I could find.

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  13. BareKnuckleheadAche

    I picked up the 1400bdx foor $150 right before Christmas. It claims you can range a deer at 950yds.

  14. mother_superior_6

    How does this compare to the vortex ranger 1800?

  15. ComfortableActuator

    Thanks OP. In case your popup blocker kills it, free shipping with code FREESHIPPING.

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