[ACC] Scalarworks 30mm 1.57″ LEAP Mount $369.69 ‘doublenice’ coupon

[ACC] Scalarworks 30mm 1.57″ LEAP Mount $369.69 ‘doublenice’ coupon


[ACC] Scalarworks 30mm 1.57″ LEAP Mount $369.69 ‘doublenice’ coupon

10 reviews for [ACC] Scalarworks 30mm 1.57″ LEAP Mount $369.69 ‘doublenice’ coupon

  1. ThatOrdinary

    Before somebody asks, yes this mount might be worth the price. Depending on your means and willingness to pay for something better.

    Last I checked it was THE lightest weight QD mount on the market. It’s Scalarworks so you know the mount is solid AF. No tools required to use the QD, finger tight only. Built in leveling screw. Rings are hinged at the top, just put the scope in, level with the screw, finger tight the ring screws (only two per ring, in the bottom), check your eye relief, torque it down. Done, solid moutn, where you want it, scope is leveled.

    Machine and overall quality are top of the line.

  2. UltimateSepsis

    These being QD, meaning no zero loss?

  3. JoeP2424

    Are these usually out of stock everywhere ?

  4. Boomerfudd1337

    This is on my grandsons Christmas list, Thanks OP!

  5. NotoriousDVA


  6. JJMcGee83

    Great price for this.

  7. Probiscus00

    Have a 1.9 arriving today but this is a nice savings

  8. PandaMoney55

    I want the 1.93 but to lazy to wait

  9. houseandtechno

    Will we see this price on 1.93 height?

  10. SmokyBearWithGuns

    Great price. I’d be all over this if I didn’t have extra bills this month.

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