[Acc] SB Tactical Buffer Tube Folding Adapter $79.99 [normally $150]

[Acc] SB Tactical Buffer Tube Folding Adapter $79.99 [normally $150]


[Acc] SB Tactical Buffer Tube Folding Adapter $79.99 [normally $150]

12 reviews for [Acc] SB Tactical Buffer Tube Folding Adapter $79.99 [normally $150]

  1. Wopasaurus

    Not for AR’s. Just a heads up. I feel it needed it’s own comment.

    Buffer less systems

  2. H_F_F

    Might be a decent option for people wanting a 22lr folder.

  3. Kenj_Yama

    Junk. Had it on my Sam7k for less than 2 months and the metal locking it in the folded position sheared right off. Stay away

  4. Thehealthygamer

    Huh never knew SB made one of these. Probably why they’re on sale lol their marketing dept really dropped the ball.

  5. HotTubHarambe

    Hmm I wonder if this or the New Midwest ones are a better foldy option.

  6. CRAV8R

    decent deal but I don’t believe anyone actually bought these for $150. I bought one from a small shop a year ago for $95 shipped

  7. kmarsara

    6061 aliumium just beware. The hinge locking mechanism wears out pretty quick

  8. elmocow

    In for one. Thanks OP. Going on faxon arak.

  9. SeaLegs

    Thanks for posting this – I literally just researched this and decided to buy it last night

  10. gotnoaero

    >NOT compatible with AR platforms

  11. CallMeShwayze

    Male threads on one side, female on the other? No 1913 rail interface? Is the some proprietary funky buffer behind it? All of these questions mount to the big one: is this just some cheap knockoff LAW?

  12. [deleted]


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