[ACC] Safariland 6390RDS $101.10 plus tax (Free Shipping, 40% off with code EXPK08NBGZJK)

[ACC] Safariland 6390RDS $101.10 plus tax (Free Shipping, 40% off with code EXPK08NBGZJK)


[ACC] Safariland 6390RDS $101.10 plus tax (Free Shipping, 40% off with code EXPK08NBGZJK)

21 reviews for [ACC] Safariland 6390RDS $101.10 plus tax (Free Shipping, 40% off with code EXPK08NBGZJK)

  1. Rule33

    lol someone out there just got their expert voice account yanked

  2. chaos021

    If only Safariland made a holster for the PDP with either better light options or just for the bare gun.

  3. pm_me_soup_cans

    Do the new account 10% off codes stack?

    Edit: they do not.

  4. Brandon42364

    Can’t seem to add anything to my cart

  5. sidetoss20

    code works on other holsters, bought a 6378 for $59.27 shipped

  6. theblackhammah

    Thanks but I used the code mine came out to 138$ with tax came out to 150$ know why that is?

  7. dswen17

    What’s the difference between the cordura and the stx?

  8. Njborn

    I got two OWB holsters for my CZ $116 shipped wit this. Perfect timing OP


    Thanks op you just saved me 80 bucks

  10. JPD232

    OP is a hero. I purchased a couple holsters that I had been considering for a few weeks. This is one of the first times I actually saved money on something I was already likely to buy as opposed to buying something because it was a “good deal.”

  11. funksaves

    Are any of the 6 series specifically designed for a g19? Their site is fucking awful.

  12. Excellent-Event-387

    Only 6390?

  13. Maury1432

    Got a 7360RDS – 7TS™ ALS®/SLS™ Mid-Ride Duty Holster and thigh strap for $138! Literally can’t beat that deal.

  14. funksaves

    Got hit with shipping no matter how many different ways I tried it

  15. TikTokInfluencer

    I cant add it to cart no matter what configuration I choose?

  16. rodal126

    Nice! I was going to wait for their Black Friday sale but the timing on this was on point.

  17. Bigssexy_6969

    Thanks man, just picked one up to complete the belt

  18. theoutsiderSK

    Wow! Thanks very much.

  19. mithbroster

    Sweet, finally picked up a holster. Thanks!

  20. ddus

    Just a heads up. Be prepared to wait. They’re not joking with the lead time.
    I ordered recently and it took 34 days to ship. Nothing fancy, just a 6360rds in Cordura.

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