[ACC] RPG-2 with Rocket SALE – $519

[ACC] RPG-2 with Rocket SALE – $519


[ACC] RPG-2 with Rocket SALE – $519

22 reviews for [ACC] RPG-2 with Rocket SALE – $519


    Fully inert kills the deal

  2. Mytimetooshine

    Is this going to be like the komando land mines and get your house raided🤣

  3. InsuranceSuccessful7

    If It wasn’t inert I would happily give them my money

  4. Just-Me3

    Any good deals on an inert RPG-7? I like the extra grip (non-California compliant version)

  5. panda1876

    Afghanistan already selling mil surplus to cover the deficit

  6. Hidden187

    If I put a fin grip on it will it be legal in california?

  7. purple-fence

    It’s like a child’s drawing of a RPG7

  8. iRacingVRGuy

    Possible to reactivate with a tax stamp? Or are these rounds really “inert” inert

  9. cybe2028

    Great gift for your wife’s boyfriend

  10. Kamerad9130

    Why on earth would you buy their plastic replica for $300 when the real one is just a little more?


  11. aclark210

    I’m sorry what

  12. Teddyturntup


  13. GabapentinGetaway

    in for 2

  14. neckbeardbrewing

    If someone could ping wife for permission that’d be great. I have an M72 law and a Czech RPG 75 already. I’ve used this god damn sub SEVERAL times recently and am cut off. 🙁

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  16. yahboymarkymark

    Ok ok ok hear me out – rocket of a firework reworked as the propulsion system.

    Who knows about the explosive 😉

  17. _Kaotik

    Generally how much are rpg-2’s without a rocket?

  18. boston_shua

    ***with rocket***

  19. ardesofmiche

    Numrich had these cheaper

  20. Figurine_Review

    My wife said no u.u

  21. Tw3aks87

    I want the AT4….

  22. OtmfP

    Does it take Glock mags?

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