[acc] Red, white, and blue Tactical Pocket Sand – $17.76 + s/h,tax

[acc] Red, white, and blue Tactical Pocket Sand – $17.76 + s/h,tax


[acc] Red, white, and blue Tactical Pocket Sand – $17.76 + s/h,tax

32 reviews for [acc] Red, white, and blue Tactical Pocket Sand – $17.76 + s/h,tax

  1. Beanye

    Is this for throwing at a skeletonized AR to make it jam?

  2. BlackLeader70


  3. FadedReaper561

    I thought this was one hell of a shitpost but oh boy was I surprised

  4. needpla

    Do I need to go through an ffl?

  5. thekingofpop69

    Guns don’t kill people. The government does.

  6. NotoriousDVA

    Why tell people to pound sand when you can pound them *with* sand?

  7. Jlos_acting_career

    St Dale approved, now America flavored

  8. EastwoodRavine85

    Is that a *haboob* in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  9. realbmp

    Dual wield with pocket sand in one hand, wood stock AK in the other. Bitches don’t be walking into my sand storm!

  10. randomjazz187

    If it’s good enough for the Big D himself, Rusty Shackelford, it’s good enough for me

  11. leont21

    It’s unreal we can still buy this without any training, license, or background check. Only a matter of time before the politicians ban it

  12. zlockdown

    (Darude intensifies)

  13. OcelotPrize

    Pocket sand!!!!

  14. TuxPi

    The nerve of charging tax on that price.

  15. [deleted]


  16. mynameJef6969

    Are these CA compliant?

  17. NoGods–NoMasters

    Aka… the F-15

  18. BalkanMexican91

    Guns don’t kill people..pocket sand does! Shhh shh shaaaaaaa

  19. Van-Storm

    Every day I love this country a little bit more.

  20. Clifton1979

    Can they call the red packet “John *Red*corn”?

  21. G0rfz

    This is actually illegal in a few states?

  22. Ignorad

    Can I send this down to Wright Armory for some NP3 coatings? I don’t wanna have a malf in the heat of battle!


    Does it come with the printed out little baggie with Dale on it? Who sold that?

  24. Comrade_Belinski

    I’ll take your entire stock

  25. Fat_Head_Carl

    Sha Sha SHA!!!

  26. 161_


  27. thermidor94

    You don’t know who I am, but I know where you live and you better cut it out if you know what’s good for you.

  28. charvatdg

    My sides! Omg my sides!!

  29. Mdp2pwackerO2

    Guns don’t kill people the government does

  30. balolblast

    Funny. But this is some mens rea crap right here. You really wanna look like Dale to the jury?


  31. ARCHON1284

    Wouldn’t pocket salt be better? Blind your attacker and give your food flavor. Multi use.

  32. crystal-rooster

    Now this is just silly

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