[Acc] PHLster Lightbearing Enigma $85.50 with code “240SX”

[Acc] PHLster Lightbearing Enigma $85.50 with code “240SX”


[Acc] PHLster Lightbearing Enigma $85.50 with code “240SX”

12 reviews for [Acc] PHLster Lightbearing Enigma $85.50 with code “240SX”

  1. cs1337

    These things are insane. Concealed a G19 with x300 in a tuck in polo. No one could tell. Got another one for my fnx45 and use it for ccw.

  2. TooEZ_OL56

    Want to conceal full size guns in tshirt and shorts? This is the answer*

    *concealability depends wildly on individual factors obviously

  3. siniquezu

    Is this legit or just influencer hype?

  4. ApolloChem

    $8.65 shipping kills it. Same price as PHLSTER website with free shipping, which they do often.


    Real talk how do you shit with this on?

  6. gta987

    Does it come with a 240sx? I never really liked those.

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  8. impulsebuyer999

    If I have a big belly, how would I appendix carry comfortably? I’ve tried with a vedder holster for a p365 before but it still digs into my crotch a lot. Only reason why I haven’t tried to buy this.

  9. 5bites

    I was going to get one of these for my wide but I didn’t see a glock 42 compatible holster. Are these possible to make decent custom holsters for? My preference would be to just get her a 43x but that hasn’t happened yet.

  10. Vibez_127

    Is it also compatible with non light bearing holster? I have a 2.0 m&p with tlr-7 and a glock 48 no light rail

  11. stance240

    Cool discount code

  12. performancereviews

    240SX was my most favorite car that incredibly sold.

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