[Acc] PHLster Lightbearing Enigma $81 with code “MRRECCE”

[Acc] PHLster Lightbearing Enigma $81 with code “MRRECCE”


[Acc] PHLster Lightbearing Enigma $81 with code “MRRECCE”

14 reviews for [Acc] PHLster Lightbearing Enigma $81 with code “MRRECCE”

  1. DanTalent

    So can anyone explain how this works I’m a little confused.

  2. Darthyogurt

    I don’t get why the light becomes an issue if it’s bring your own holster

  3. DeepfriedCrustyAnus

    $8.65 shipping?!?!

  4. Tim_the_terrible

    80 bucks for a bungee belt/ feminine thigh strap. so you guys can wear your glock 19, with red dot, with flashlight hanging out 2 inches past the barrel, during the day, up to your navel, to Starbucks

  5. Thepoogenie

    Heh, enigma balls

  6. v1_rt8

    I’ve been wearing a regular belt under my gym shorts and sweatpants and using my holster on that.

    In what way is the Enigma better than my current method?

  7. AutumnShade44

    Chastity belt.

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  9. pickled–onion

    So will an alien gear holster work with this?

    Help me, I’m dumb.

  10. briefbriefs

    Goddamn it. I already spent 150 on one.

  11. Drenoneath

    Just don’t order the sport belt because it will delay the whole order by weeks… Still waiting on mine

  12. TheCafeRacer

    If anyone has issues with the stock leg leash…[I make a semi elastic one.](https://regoconcepts.com/products/enigmod-leg-leash)

  13. Choogly

    Do these help with printing even if you are wearing a normal carry belt/pants?

  14. marcus-ohreallyus

    These are ghey

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