[ACC] NLA Charge and Block kit for SIG MPX ($95.00)

[ACC] NLA Charge and Block kit for SIG MPX ($95.00)


[ACC] NLA Charge and Block kit for SIG MPX ($95.00)

11 reviews for [ACC] NLA Charge and Block kit for SIG MPX ($95.00)

  1. Aceyboogie

    Go get ‘‘em boys. These items haven’t been in stock for months….

  2. FabulaJones

    OOS damn..

  3. Kut_Throat1125

    Now I just need to get an MPX

  4. commonsense-is-dead

    [Trybe Defense](https://www.opticsplanet.com/trybe-defense-ambidextrous-charging-handle-for-sig-sauer-mpx.html) is legit. Went through the MPX charging handle dilemma recently and am very happy with it. Currently “backordered” at Optics Planet.

  5. Not4Reel

    Got one – thanks OP.

  6. AutumnShade44

    What is the block lifter?

  7. _a_new_nope

    For $2,000+ you’d hope block lift shit to fix wobbly CH like this wouldn’t be necessary

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  9. asterce

    what is the difference with OEM one?

  10. Zerok800

    These are way better than the radian ones because these are made of steel and the radian are made of aluminum and will break. Radian also will not respond to cs emails if you try to get it replaced.

  11. Fbaez324

    Damnnnn, been looking for one. Got a lifter on the way but no handle yet !

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