[Acc] Maglula UpLULA Speed LOADER Universal Pistol 9mm-45 ACP – $27.34 in cart + free shipping

[Acc] Maglula UpLULA Speed LOADER Universal Pistol 9mm-45 ACP – $27.34 in cart + free shipping


[Acc] Maglula UpLULA Speed LOADER Universal Pistol 9mm-45 ACP – $27.34 in cart + free shipping

24 reviews for [Acc] Maglula UpLULA Speed LOADER Universal Pistol 9mm-45 ACP – $27.34 in cart + free shipping

  1. IdyllicArcadia

    Everyone and their mom needs one of these in their range bags. Makes reloading mags about 2x faster for me

  2. BrambleVale3

    Yes, the vendor is GTG (although kinda lame they charge tax).

    These are totally worth $27.34.

    I do recommend against getting a black one unless it’s never going to leave your work bench, pink or yellow tend to stay in the family longer.

  3. Superhereaux

    I have a yellow one. These things are great and almost a necessity if you have some Glock stendos.

  4. gOforth31

    Here’s why I hate this sub.

    me: “I already have one”

    also me: “But it’s a good price and I could have two!”

  5. heloguy1234

    Great product. My fingers were killing me before I got one

  6. Limp-Quail

    Is this that much better than standard one that comes with guns?

  7. HotPepperDude

    One of the best things I’ve ever bought. My wife’s boyfriend also gives it 5 stars.

  8. 1DollarOr1Million

    This product is a must have. Not so much for saving time, but instead saving your thumbs.

  9. MSpeedAddict

    Was just looking at prices yesterday – snagged, thanks!

  10. plumbingstev

    These really are fantastic! I would recommend getting a bright or ugly color that stands out if you drop it on the ground or it rolls around in your vehicle.

  11. BlackGhostPanda

    So worth the money.

  12. FlyPenFly

    1 2 3 4 I declare a thumb war

  13. hoseking

    DAMNIT I just bought one of these yesterday for full price.

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  15. RatEgg

    Do these work well with MP5 mags?

  16. TyrenRavenhart

    In for one. Thanks OP!

  17. GimmedatPewPew

    Thanks – just ordered one as a gift for a new gun owner. These used to be $25-ish, but recently have gone to closer to $35-40.

    I don’t have issues jamming mags by hand, but for newer shooters it can be a huge time saver.

  18. KingOfWickerPeople

    These are great and I use mine a lot but if anyone is wondering, they do not work on scorpion mags

  19. chitchatgetbanged

    Thx in for one. Vendor gtg

  20. echocharlie86

    Damn, yellow and orange are sold out. Was looking for a third set to be my designated 1911 loader.

  21. 2old2tired

    Information Only: A UpLula will also easily unload a single stack 9mm magazine. For those who don’t have one of these, trust me, its a PAIN!

  22. FNboy

    Anyone know if these will work on Uzi, Grease Gun or Mac mags?

  23. 357Loki

    Thanks OP! Just got two Glock 33 rounders and for one I just can’t get the last two rounds in. This will save my fingers some hurt.

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