[ACC] M1 Garand Wall Mounts 10% off Code “PING” ($13.50)

[ACC] M1 Garand Wall Mounts 10% off Code “PING” ($13.50)


[ACC] M1 Garand Wall Mounts 10% off Code “PING” ($13.50)

10 reviews for [ACC] M1 Garand Wall Mounts 10% off Code “PING” ($13.50)

  1. salemlakes

    “Tired of your grandfather’s Nazi popper being hidden in your safe?” that first impression though….. niiiicccee

  2. twowords_number

    What are they made out of? Only the “Wood” option specifies “premium filament” so are the others just PLA filament?

  3. TheChance916

    Danny grab me pee paws rifle off the wall, thems commies getting a little to close to my funko-pops.

  4. Mighty-Bagel-Calves

    The man cave would be pretty sick with my service grade on the wall, but I feel better having it locked away in the safe.

  5. gunnutzz467

    Will this work with my archangel sks?

  6. DuhXCrusha

    Bought this as a late present for my dad! Thanks!

  7. bourbon-and-bullets

    Got a pic of the wood filament version?

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  9. pipelineporter

    Do I need to use drywall anchors? Or should these go directly into a stud only?

  10. [deleted]


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