[Acc] Longtucky Supply Rapid Adjust Sling, $31.45 + ship w/ coupon “treefiddy”

[Acc] Longtucky Supply Rapid Adjust Sling, $31.45 + ship w/ coupon “treefiddy”


[Acc] Longtucky Supply Rapid Adjust Sling, $31.45 + ship w/ coupon “treefiddy”

12 reviews for [Acc] Longtucky Supply Rapid Adjust Sling, $31.45 + ship w/ coupon “treefiddy”

  1. rybe390

    Hey Gundeals!

    Last time I posted here, you all overwhelmed me and I was scrambling to make orders. This time… I planned ahead. I just finished up 50+ rifle slings, and have posted them as available/in stock. That means no lead time and I will ship on Monday!

    Coupon code treefiddy gives $3.50 discount aka 10% on slings only. Discount expires in 1 week.

    Why this sling? I don’t like slings with a million tri glides on the end that you’re not sure how to adjust. I love the Ferro alice buckle for a locking and quick adjust mechanism. I love the ESD stow system. So, I slapped them all together, and you have a rock solid sling.

    Lightweight, easy to adjust, and easy to use. Also made on a kitchen counter in Colorado from US made materials.

    If I sell out, I’ll be back with more, promise!

  2. TreeWalker9617

    I have one of his fanny packs and the quality is superb 👌🏻

  3. Ded_man_3112

    Thanks, snagged me two. Not had your sling before, hoping it’s not the material that cuts into my neck!

  4. AlmostHonestAbe

    Love the Ferro/ESD look. Snagged two

  5. kamikazejello

    Just ordered two, looking forward to seeing them. Thanks for the discount code!

  6. Smthrs_excllnt

    Aight then got me one.

    I’ve only had cheapo slings that do not adjust. Is the adjustment mechanism self explanatory?

  7. davabran

    In for one

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  9. Dangerous_Coconut_35

    Does the quick adjust work like the MS1 sling?

  10. aaatttppp

    Are those ITW/AB spring loaded buckles?

  11. clb1016

    In for 2 Coyote. I’ve bought 4 slings this in the last week, now.

    I only have one AR, so I guess the Milsurps are getting modern slings too…

  12. montesmoke

    In for one, the star on the left
    of a mobile screen big annoying when trying to navigate.

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