[Acc] In Stock Alert: Arisaka Hand Stop – M-Lok, FDE. Code M4C worked last night for 10% off.

[Acc] In Stock Alert: Arisaka Hand Stop – M-Lok, FDE. Code M4C worked last night for 10% off.


[Acc] In Stock Alert: Arisaka Hand Stop – M-Lok, FDE. Code M4C worked last night for 10% off.

21 reviews for [Acc] In Stock Alert: Arisaka Hand Stop – M-Lok, FDE. Code M4C worked last night for 10% off.

  1. Guns_n_boobs

    Top mount at 12 o clock on a Midwest Rail for maximum Daddy Shark looks.

  2. OcelotPrize

    Of course a few days after I caved and ordered black

  3. GYPSYkick

    Same price as the emissary but it’s made out of aluminum. Kind of seems like a no brainer if you’re in the market for something like this.

  4. jo35

    Wish the FDE were tanodized instead of cerakoted.

  5. necrosisCS

    If only they came in ODG 🙁

  6. TheCat0115

    Sorry for the newb question, but why this over a foregrip? Just weight?

  7. creedbratt0n

    Been excited to try these thanks OP

  8. Harriettubmaninatub

    Very nice. Thanks OP!

    Edit: worked for Black too!

  9. R1ceRocket

    I have a ton of grip/finger stops, and there is only 1 that I truly hate, the True North Concepts aluminum one (their polymer one is somewhat fine). This Arisaka is one of my faves, next to the Emissary Development one.

  10. chuck_dubz_3

    Picked one up and a DS00

    Thanks OP

  11. feriz_

    Perfect timing, thanks! Code worked as well.

  12. Zikkafoos

    I like my Arisaka products but had issues with their CS in the past. I literally live 6 minutes down the road from their location in Apex and they insisted on shipping me a set of replacement screws instead of just picking them up direct. So dumb.

  13. gebsmith

    In for one. I’ve never seen these before but I love all kinds of foregrips.

  14. Vercify

    Looks pretty similar to the Slate Stop, which is $20 less. Or you can get the $33 bundle with the handstop and Slate’s version of rail scales.

    Just throwing it out there for folks who don’t want to spend $36 on a Gucci handstop.

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  16. Not_stats_driven

    I prefer the finger stop but nice product as well.

  17. rj3yo03

    How are these compared to the bcm gunfighter?

  18. impreza_GC8

    This or Emissary?

  19. TheBigWee

    Anyone ever have issues with this heating up too much with continuous firing?

  20. Booz-n-crooz

    Having owned and used both this and the emissary, the emissary is so much more comfortable and ergonomic.

    This thing is nice, has great build quality, and looks cool, but the actual functionality of it isn’t there for me I think.

  21. jgisbo007

    How do I know if this will fit on my Stribog rail?

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