[ACC] Holster Sale Entire Site – 15% off

[ACC] Holster Sale Entire Site – 15% off


[ACC] Holster Sale Entire Site – 15% off

14 reviews for [ACC] Holster Sale Entire Site – 15% off


    I sent you guys a Reddit DM and email about a recent order and never received a response. Slightly disappointing

  2. Fitzhume

    What’s up with that url?

  3. gaucho95

    Looking for a HK P30L OWB with some retention but with some drop and elastic strap. Do I have to buy the competition variant? What do you suggest? Also I assume no P30L light options.

  4. GymWheyland

    Is it possible to make a light bearing IWB for a vp9 that has a tlr-7? Or will the tlr-1 work for it?

  5. marcus-ohreallyus

    I tried a Dara as the first holster for my Glock. Good quality but didn’t like the fit

  6. DeepfriedCrustyAnus

    Do these work with a g45 & tlr1 for the phlster enigma?

  7. Yewtfmcd

    Youve got the P80 PF940V2 and the PF940 SC, but not PF940C? Am I seeing that right?

  8. ak9882

    Dara has made good two stage retention holsters for my FN509 and CZ P10c. I don’t have any experience with other big holster brands (safariland etc.) but I’ve gotten compliments on these from guys who do.

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  10. AgreeablePie

    HK45 gets very little holster love

  11. YourMomIsStillHot

    Have several of these and I love them. Best holster. MTO Minamilist AIWB is the way to go.

  12. Barokmeca

    So does your glock 19 holster fit a PSA Dagger?

  13. FancyCoin

    do you guys have the ability to make Glock 19-TLR2 holsters?

  14. CommonTexture

    Any chance you’ll have Glock holsters with the TLR-9? I saw some Sigs with it, but no Glocks.

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