[ACC] Holosun HS 407K-X2 $179.99

[ACC] Holosun HS 407K-X2 $179.99


[ACC] Holosun HS 407K-X2 $179.99

8 reviews for [ACC] Holosun HS 407K-X2 $179.99

  1. Ok_Understanding1612

    Sexy . Tried the Romeo Zero with the metal shroud on my P365XL, and it worked well enough — but the shroud + that chintzy plastic protective plastic insert raises the entire optic up rendering the irons almost useless. May try without the screen; the shroud plate might make it redundant now that I think about it.

    Anyway I’m getting off track. Point is I paid $30 for my Romeo Zero (via USCCA promotion) and it was still only ”acceptable.” If you’re looking to pay anywhere near full price, get this instead.

  2. aTip4You

    Thanks bought, they do charge $10ship and credit card fee fyi

  3. fxtony

    Damn, this seems pretty cheap

  4. twatingham

    What kind of footprint is this? The official website doesn’t even say.

  5. [deleted]


  6. chimp3po

    Anyone know of Sig P320 dovetail mounts that fit this? I’ve tried to see if there are any but I didn’t turn up anything so far. Thanks!

  7. chuck_dubz_3

    Just remember, china does NOT allow it’s people to own firearms or optics..

    But are more than willing to sell you whatever you want with your second amendment.


    Showing as 219 for me

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